Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Where Have You Been This Week? - Getting Fit For Robopoclypse.

Another week, and soon to be month drawing to a close. It's been a pretty active blogging week for me. I had three posts here and another three over at Sprocket Ink.

- On Monday I gave you a little taste of where I'm from. I like this post. It made me appreciate home a little bit more.

- The time of machines' ruling over man is inching ever closer. At least that's the conclusion I drew on Tuesday over at Sprocket Ink.

Later that day, here on my blog, a well known representative of the machines tried to plead their case.

- He creeped me out so I laid low for a bit until he was gone. I posted on Sprocket Ink in the meantime on Thursday. This story leads me to believe that guys are peeing in public a lot these days.

- On Friday I posted on Sprocket Ink again. I'm going to have a slot there on Fridays too for a bit so I hope you get used to it. This one looked at what could possibly be the plot for the next big-budget Hollywood romantic comedy about a dictator in love.

Then, when I was sure HAL was gone I came back and posted here. I gave my take on this week's Studio 30 Plus prompt: Challenge Accepted.

Well, that was my week. Hope the rest of you are all safe and secure. Especially those who have to worry about Irene's unwelcome visit.


  1. i like how your week went better than mine.

  2. good week. and good for you

    liked your studothirtyprompt

  3. I watched a documentary last night and I know for a fact that the Octopus is going to take over the world. True story..

  4. @ Kage: It's always a party when rogue computers crash your place.

    @ Lance: Thanks. I've been keeping busy.

    @ Sprite: I bet the machines out him up to it, though. Probably planning on betraying him later.

  5. Wow! You got a lot of stuff cooking!

  6. Machines?
    Invasion of the microscopic body snatchers. I may be dreaming as I type this.

  7. Vinny, got a lil' sumpin' on the Hobbit. Please visit.


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