Monday, August 22, 2011

Where I'm From.

I am from the birthplace of steelpan, from Charles chocolate candies and Solo soft drinks.

I am from the warm and sunny tropics where temperatures can range anywhere between 26 to 34 degree (celsius). I am from where you're bound to find a mango/coconut/banana trees growing in most yards (sometimes all of them together).

I am from the Chaconia, the Northern Range, the Pitch Lake and Buccoo Reef.
I am from an evening walk to the ice-cream parlor. I am from macaroni pie or roti or pelau on a Sunday.
Pelau courtesy: Mrs. C.
I am from the sibling disagreements that melted away even more quickly than they started and from not holding grudges.

From "Respect yuh elders" and "Always tell yuh neighbors, good morning".

I am from church on a Sunday morning. And you had to make the weekly trip to the market first.

I am from ice-cold coconut water (right out of the coconut) around Queen's Park Savannah and doubles in Curepe.

From the neighborhood children playing cricket or small-goal football in the street after school, from a culture created from the combining of Africa, India, Spain, England, China, Syria and more countries than I can name in this post.

I am from the old photos (way more than all the albums could hold) that were on the top of the old bedroom wardrobe. Safely hidden away from young, destructive hands but still close enough to get whenever that relative you hadn't seen in ages visited.
A few great bloggers I follow (like her, her and him) have been started doing this and I decided to join in. There's a template too (which I didn't follow 100%) that can be found here


  1. Love this. I am going to try Pelau. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. This is 100% awesome. Great post.

  3. well done! Your culture sounds wonderful and fascinating.

  4. Hey, I love this post! I feel like I know so much more about you, when the truth is I really just barely know you at all.

    And I also feel a little jealous that you live on a tropical island with mango trees in your front yard. :)

  5. Very, very nice. Smooth reading. Fresh.

  6. Sounds divine. You live in a place that most people only dream of being able to visit. Enjoy!

  7. Agree with Paul, well written post, like how you presented it.

  8. A sensory cultural experience. Love this.

  9. @ Nubian: Enjoy. I would have put Mrs. C's personal recipe but I'm afraid I'm not very attentive in the kitchen.

    @ paulsifer: Very kind. Thanks!

    @ Tom G.: It is. I sometimes forget it myself.

    @ TILTE: It's all part of my mystique.

    @ The Defiant Marshmallow: Thanks.

    @ The Empress: After doing this post, I think I'll probably be complaining a little less about the heat.

    @ AC: Thanks. I try.

    @ dbs: I think I'll mention home a little more. I don't do it often enough.


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