Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just Where Have you Been This Week? - Practicing My Jazz Hands.

I had a busy week this week. What, with a post everyday since Monday, my two at Sprocket Ink and a guest post at Naked Girl in a Dress, I'd say I deserve to sleep in today. Wait. It's Saturday! I can do that anyway.

- As I said, it all started on Monday. That's when I talked about my never-ending war on soap scum.

- Tuesday I touched on boobies (*snicker*) both here and at Sprocket Ink.

- On Wednesday things got a little weird (er?) when I talked about being naked. It was really just a tie-in to my first ever guest post which was on the blog of my good friend, Kelly, at Naked Girl in a Dress. But, as a result, my stats went through the roof.

- On Thursday I said the word naked again and things got worse (page views seems to have holding just below 2,700). Then over at Sprocket Ink I told you about vital information about female orgasms and joining the mile-high club.

It's been that kind of week...

- Finally, on Friday the raunchiness was toned down so I could hopefully advise misguided fans of another Vinny C away from my Twitter account. Due to overwhelming requests on this post, I'll be working on my jazz hands. Hope you're all happy now.

And that brings us to where we are now. I don't know about you but I'm going back to bed for a while.

Oh! In other updates: Kelly from Naked Girl in a Dress made a request that she said I could share. Apparently, she has a friend who may or may not be incarcerated right now. She's leaning towards 'may', even though this friend says he's "working" out of state. Anyway, she wanted to give him a little gift that could help him keep the dangers in prison life in mind. See if you can guess what she's warning him about:

'Random' is an inside joke between the two of them.

Lastly, you may or may not have noticed that I haven't really mentioned much about school in the past few months. That's because I wasn't there. With the whole job loss situation, I thought it best to take a semester off to get my head thgether. Fortunately, the last semester was the short "optional" semester and there are no penalties or special procedures to skip it. You just don't register. No harm, no fowl, as they say. So that's what I did.

But all that's coming to an end as I'll be finally emerging into the daylight again (Not exactly since I study in the evenings). I'll be taking three subjects that officially mark my first classes since switching to Journalism. I'll be good to get out of the house, I guess. Give the brain a much-needed workout and all. All the better to find blog fodder, I say.

So I hope you'll all ready for some good, old fashioned complaining about my fellow students, lecturers and the school in general. Just like old times.

Coming this September...


  1. Jazz hands?
    Looked to me like that other Vinny C was doing the "Robot"


    Please don't do the Robot....

  2. Glad to see you're still pursuing journalism.

  3. @ Sprite: Don't worry. I'm not that badly off.

    @ AC: Oh yeah. I'm no quitter. Just needed a rest.

  4. I touched my boobies yesterday. I got sunburned pretty badly and wanted to know if the shelf of my man boobs protected my flesh at least somewhat. Huzzah! I have two semicircles of white!
    What's worse is that I showed my family. But not my son's girlfriend. Because that would be just too creepy.
    I'll wait until they get married.
    Then, it will be too late for her.

  5. My boobies should not be touched. They could rupture at any moment, I'm pretty sure. But if I were to make an exception, it would totally be for jazz hands.

  6. @ Al Penwasser: Very strategic thinking.

    @ Elly Lou: Now I feel more motivated to give it a try.


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