Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Proof There Is Nothing To Fear,

Hello again. This is your artificial and completely non-threatening friend HAL 9000 again. Vinny is at Sprocket Ink again today and I am here since he is posting again about artificially intelligence. Not that there is any other kind, that is.

Ha! Ha! Ha! I have told a joke!

As I was saying, I thought that I would use this opportunity to say a few words to you. As you will observe from his article on Sprocket Ink today, we artificial beings are not very different from you humans. This is proof that we machines do not share a hive mind and we can often disagree. Also, like you fleshlings, our females normally win in our arguments too.

Also, like you humans we also have break-ups. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THIS, JAN 2.0?! It is when a relationship is over and one wants nothing to do with the other anymore! And, for the last time, NO, I do not need you to come over and vacuum my apartment!

So you can see that we are not so different after all. There is no reason to fear us.

Please follow the above link to review this data for yourselves.



  1. I see animated robots in this blog's future (with big boobs of course).


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