Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Social Interaction - Do We Need To Talk?

One day, while having lunch in a crowded food court in a shopping mall close to where I work:

Some Guy (SG): Anyone sitting here?
Me (Me): Nope.
SG: You mind?
Me: No problem. Go ahead.
SG: Thanks... I’m not bothering you, am I?
Me: Nah, It’s cool.

I go back to eating while I check some messages on my phone. After a few seconds...

SG: Short week this week, huh?

(NOTE: There were two holidays during that week.)

Me: Uh? Um... yeah.
SG: Yeah... I think they sold me stale peanuts downstairs.
Me: (*Thinking*: Who comes to a food court to eat peanuts?) Hmm...
SG: *Continues eating suspect peanuts.*
Me: *Continues stating at phone.*
SG: ... It’s hot...

Did he take my confirmation that he wasn't bothering as a challenge?!