Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nobody Cares!

Okay! Maaaybe I get a little rant-y today. But of course there's also that way funnier post I did over on Sprocket Ink today. Just click here. Otherwise, feel free to continue.

After you visit Sprocket that is...

In life we all go through some crap. Sometimes it can be petty annoying crap that messes up your day, sometimes that crap can be so craptastic it can even be life altering. I've been through both and if there's one thing I've learned from my experiences is this:

Nobody cares.

This took me a while to accept, but the pure and simple fact of it is, no matter how broken up you might be about your troubles, no matter how big a pity party you throw, at the end of the day, people have their own lives and their own crap to deal with. They don't have time to shoulder your burdens too.

Maybe you work for one of those "caring companies". Good for you! But you should know they don't actually "care" about their employees. I'll let you in a secret. It's still all about them. See, they figured that staff are more productive and are less likely to quit (or go on a homicidal rampage) if they feel their bosses "care" about them. Sorry to break it to you like this.

Or am I?

So let's say you had a bad relationship, or worked in a place that totally screwed you over. Do you think the next person or employer that comes along is looking for damaged goods? Maybe that new person or boss sees your potential and decides to give you a chance. Maybe they like fixing broken things and you're their next project. Those will be among the rare exceptions and will only be good up to a point. Eventually, they will expect to see some return on their efforts and you'll be expected to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. If not, they dump you too (WOOHOO! More to sulk about).

Nope. They don't care. They don't give a shit. They don't want deal with your issues. That's the hard truth, buddy.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are those who will care for a while. Close family, even friends will often lend a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on. But they're only willing to put up with it for a while, and trust me, they get really tired of someone who keeps living in the past.

So all that being said, maybe you should think about actually getting over whatever it is that knocked you down and get on with your life. Maybe it's you who needs to stop caring. Just let go whatever "it" was that got you down. Learn whatever you can from it and move forward.

Or not. Whatever! I don't care.

Monday, May 28, 2012

In Case You Were Looking For Me...

I'm not here today. I'm just popping in quick to let you know I have a post up over at Studio 30 Plus today. 
Have I told you about Studio 30 Plus? Sure I have! As I would have mentioned in the past, it's a community for writers. But saying that alone doesn't do it justice. It's a site where writers can do things like flex your writing muscles with a weekly writing prompt, take a dip in the pool of knowledge offered by other writers, get actively involved an a slew of different groups that cater to your whatever your writing style. You can even strut your stuff on the site's community blog.

As you can see, it's really a great writer's resort resource, and I've been a card carrying member for almost as long as I've been a blogger. Okay, technically I never received a "card" per se, but I suspect that's only because it was lost in the mail or something.

But I digress. If you're looking for me, Studio 30 Plus is where you'll find me today. You know the deal. CLICK HERE and hold on tight.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I've Been Holding Out.

I don't exactly know how to say this, but recently, I've gotten myself involved in something. It's complicated and even I don't know how things turned out this way, but I think it's time I 'fessed up about it. You see, for over a month now, I've been spending most of my mornings here:
That's right. It is a gym. And, no, this isn't a new job (I wish). Also, I haven't just been hanging around watching other people work out. I can't believe I'm saying this but... I have been working out. And I've actually been participating in this REGULARLY!

I know! I know! How could I? I'm not too proud of it either. The gym just sits right there on the corner and I have to pass it every time I go out. It mocks you, you know. Promising you an attractive body and the chance of one day being able to take off your shirt at the beach without fear or shame. Who can resist that?

Then there's society and the media. They're as much to blame. They've been poisoning our minds from the very start. All those "biceps" and "abs" all over the place on TV and in magazines. Name one fat superhero. You can't, can you? It's because they brainwashing us! Then there's all the peer pressure! I don't know how yet but there had to be some involved.

Now I have to deal with muscle aches. I didn't even know I had muscles before the pain showed me where to find them all. Oh, and did I mention I have to change my eating too. I have to eat fruit and raisin bran now. Did you know there are no marshmallows in bran flakes? MADNESS!!!

Added to all this is how Mrs. C has been reacting to my new pastime. She knows what I've been doing and she's been noticing the subtle changes I've been going through since I started. Now she's starting to give me this strange look. A very disturbing look. The hungry cat kind of look.

This may not end well.

As I sit here and ponder my shame, remember to go over to Sprocket Ink and check out what I did there today too. Fair warning: You may not want to be eating while you read it... Click here when you're ready.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: They Only Come Out At Night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Group of Men Discover In Terror That Breasts Do Not Just Go Away On Their Own.

If there's one thing people know by now is that I'm fascinated by boobs. Okay, technically those are two things since they usually come in pairs, but let's not get distracted here...

Sorry kinda trailed off there for a minute. Now where was I? Right! Boobs, mammaries, ta-tas, breasts.
Bet you wish you had your own lovely assistant.
Yeah, those.

Whatever you call 'em, one thing's for sure, it isn't just me, we all love 'em.  C'mon! Admit it! You know you do. Well... most of us anyway.

This brings me to the reason for this post (why, no, it wasn't just to talk about boobs... oddly enough). It seems there is actually a group of people out there who find large boobs too distracting. Men, no less. And, as such, they decided to fire the carrier of said large boobs for the offence of bringing them to work every day. I won't say more here but this is the story I look into on my newest post on Sprocket Ink.

Click here to learn more.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AVCI Presents...

Has this ever happened to you?

We've all been there. That time when you read a blog post that offended you in some way but didn't know how to respond. Or maybe there's a blogger that just irritates you and you'd just love to repeatedly stalk and antagonize them on a regular basis, but can't think of the right words?

Well, then you need Gabo'troll!!! ©
That's right! Gabo'troll!!!

Gabo'troll!!! is brought to you by AVCI - the makers of the wildely popular Malpunctuation System (patent pending... eventually). This time we've developed the ultimate blog trolling system that will have you leaving angry and even hateful comments in no time. Best of all they'll be barely readable. Just like the pros!* You'll learn vital trolling techniques like:

- Incorrect Spelling - See why it's stupid not to call that blog "stoopid".

- Totally Missing The Point - Tell that blogger who wrote that so called "humorous" post about the time she was stranded for three hours in the freezing snow with a flat how totally stereotypical, sexist and degrading her being so clueless about cars was to women everywhere.

- Celebrity Defence - You're not just any Belieber, you're also the president and founding member of your town's chapter of Beliebers and you'll be damned if some blogger's potshots about Justin go unanswered. Not on your watch!

All this and so much more can be yours! Just listen to some of our satisfied customers:

Yes! You too can experience the same level of satisfaction when you use Gabo'troll!!! So act now! Gabo'troll!!! can be yours for only three easy payments of $9.99 You heard right! Just three easy payments of $9.99! That's three times less than the cost of similar products on the market. So hurry up and call! Operators are standing by.
But Gabo'troll!!! isn't just a new, fun way to enjoy blogs. If you want to finally quit that boring day-job where you're chained to a desk for eight hours a day, use Gabo'troll!!! to start your own email spammer business.

Not only that but Gabo'troll!!! also makes a great gift. You heard right! Already have your own Gabo'troll!!!? Then why not give the gift of Gabo'troll!!! at that next birthday?

But wait! That's not all! For a limited time we'll throw in the Degrammarizerator at no extra cost. That's right! Add some extra punch to you comments by including common grammatical errors that will just drive those grammar-nazi bloggers up a wall. You'll get the improper use of words like "their, there and they're" or "your and you're". Then just sit back and watch them squirm.

Plus, if you call in the next 3.8 seconds you'll get AVCI's patented Malpunctuation System ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

So you'll get the Gabo'troll!!!, the Degrammarizerator and the Malpunctuation System - a $30 value - for only three easy payments of $9.99. You'll never see value like this again. Call now! Our operators are anxiously waiting for your call.
Order now!
- C.O.Ds only. Cheques, checks and credit cards are not accepted.
- Offer available in Canada for a limited time only due to the impending elimination of pennies from the national currency, which are required to make up the 99¢ part of the cost.
- *WARNING: AVCI does not guarantee effectiveness of products listed if user starts reading books, learning or developing a sense of humor.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bringing Back The Classics.

As of last Saturday I am officially free of end of term exams and, all things considered, I think I did pretty okay *fingers crossed*.

With that out of the way I think it's about I dust off this old blog and get to some serious posting. Don't you think? Yeah. I knew you'd agree. That being said, I'm working on something special for tomorrow. Veeeery special! I won't give too much away but I'll say this much - the old gang (meaning: Lacy, Diane, Robert and Steven) are finally coming off of their extended vacation for this one.

I know! You can hardly wait, right?

Anyway, I left a little something over at Sprocket Ink to tide you over till then. It's about the newest robotic innovation from the land of Japan. Trust me. This one's a whole lot weirder than last week's story about the emotionally sensitive vacuum cleaner.

So click the SI badge over there on the right and go check things out over there while I put the finishing touches on tomorrow's post.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying To Keep My Head Above Water.

In case you're noticing my absence of late, I'm still off navigating the churning sea I like to call end of semester exams. It was a tough semester. It felt like I was barely able to stay afloat this time. The good news is I'll be free and clear of them by the end of the week. YAY!

Of course, you know I couldn't leave you hanging. That's why I left you a little something over at Sprocket Ink to tide you over until I get back. You know the drill by now, right? Just click on the official Sprocket Ink badge over to the right and prepare sail away to a happier place. Enjoy!

As for me, it's back to the books before I get totally submerged. That, and I'm out of ocean metaphors.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Because Everyone's Doing A Willy Wonka Meme...

This will only make sense once you read my post at Sprocket Ink today.

Click here.

Oh! Also in the news:
Click to enlarge...

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Step-By-Step Guide To Almost Failing A Class.

1. Miss a major percentage of your classes due to demands of job.

2. Two-thirds of the way through the semester finally realize you haven't been receiving notes and updates from your lecturer because you just had to use the student email account the school forced you to take and it hasn't been working properly.

3. Fail to get required text books from school library because other students got to them before you did.

4. Miss group presentation day because you have to work late (worth 30% of overall grade).

5. Get fired from said demanding job less than two weeks before final assignment is due, spend first week in a funk (even though you promised yourself wouldn't let it get to you) and do absolutely nothing during that time.

6. Get make-up assignment from lecturer to help give you a fighting chance after missing the group assignment, wait until last possible minute to finally get started and panic because you only have two days  to research and prepare two presentations.

7. Instead of working on assignments, write a blog post explaining steps you took to very likely fail a class you should be passing with your eyes closed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Post Up At Sprocket.

Just click here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Five Scariest Words.

Bonus day!!! I'm here and on Sprocket Ink with two full posts. You are quite welcome. So click the link, go, read, enjoy and then come back here for desert. It'll still be fresh when you get back.


It was a Monday morning like any other Monday morning. I was at my former workplace, The Paper. As I always do, I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. As I neared my destination, I should have sensed there was something wrong. Had it been any other day, my senses would have been sharper. Perhaps, had I already had that cup of coffee, I might have noticed that nature was slightly off-balance. But I didn't. Not until it was almost too late.

I walked through the kitchen door and immediately it hit me. There was indeed a disturbance in the force. There, in front of me, stood Joy and Fitz (not their real names, obviously). They were locked on a stare reminiscent to when a gazelle looks into a lion's eyes and knows he's just breathed his last.
I didn't know what was going on, but every instinct I had screamed at me to get out of that room. Which, of course, I did.
The tension in the air was thick. Soon, Fitz tried (unsuccessfully) to speak.

Fitz: That's not what I meant! I mean- Um... All I was saying was- I didn't mean that you were... Please don't kill me.

This was bad. Whatever he had said, Fitz had crossed a line. A line no man should cross, and now his end was near. Poor Fitz. I almost never spoke to him, but he seemed nice enough. If only I had the time, maybe we could have even been friends. But it was too late now. I decided it was best I get to a safe distance before Joy decided to make me seconds.

After the funeral Later, I found out what had happened. Joy and Fitz had run into each other in the kitchen and were chatting. That's when Fitz said the words that would seal his fate.

Fitz: You must have had a fun weekend. You look fatigued.

I. know. He actually did say that.

Then Joy - the woman who always smiled, the woman who prefers to hug you instead of telling you 'Good morning', the woman who pouted for three whole days because management refused to let her put up decorations in the office at Christmas... Yes, that Joy - stopped. The smile which seemed to be etched on to her face was still there, but somehow it seemed twisted... EVIL. Her eyes froze in a deathly stare and she said the five words that will reduce even the surliest brute to a blubbering puddle of fear.

Joy: What's that supposed to mean?

Even I was rendered speechless just imagining the conversation. Fitz did manage to survive, but he was a shell of his former self. He spent the rest of the day lumbering around the halls, refusing to make eye contact with anyone. Though it takes only a few hours for the spine to return to it's solid state, it would be several days before he could face Joy again.

We can only hope he learned a valuable lesson from his encounter and never makes that mistake in the future.