Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome To A New Week &... What..? Thursday Already!?!

You may or may not have noticed my absence these past few days. This is my first post here this week and it's already Thursday. What can I say? I've been busy playing video games watching anime sleeping doing... very... constructive-um-things. Honest!

Actually, I was pretty busy on Monday. Mrs. C took the day off from work and we spent it together... Doing errands... Alllll. day. long. Sounds like fun, right? SIGH! I'm going to be honest with you guys. If there's one thing I'm not a fan of, is running around half the country doing errands and shopping/window shopping. But I survived it. Mostly.

Anyway, I hope you've at least been keeping up with me and the gang over at Sprocket Ink. You did remember my posts there... Right?

Well, for those of you who missed out, here's the link to what I wrote on Tuesday about a really smart cow and here's the link to today's story about what I think should be the latest entry into the stupid craze epidemic. Feel free to go ahead and the check both of them out.

Also, I have been doing a lot of tooning the last few days. I've finally gotten around to trying to finish part 2 of Girls' Day Out. It's a lot of work but I'm almost done and I'll have that for you soon(ish).


  1. Mrs. C is a lucky woman. It doesn;t matter if you enjoy it as long as you're willing to do it.

    I'm sure you earned some Hubby Bucks for that one. Spend them well!

  2. @ Nari: First, Nariiiiiii!!! So good to see you around.

    Ahem! Second, oh yeah, I earned some points. Trust me, I have used them well so far.

  3. On your day off, you had to do errands?

  4. @ AC: She's a busy little bee, my Mrs. C.

  5. "Doing errands?" Sorry. That was juvenile of me.

  6. @ dbs: Juvenile is always welcome here.

  7. Oh, my God, it IS Thursday!!
    I seriously need to go back to work.
    But, first, I think I'll take a nap.

  8. The title of this post is how I feel every fucken week! It's getting old!

  9. @ Al Penwasser: Which is what I did right after posting this.

    @ Dr. Cynicism: I know. Why can't Saturdays be at least three times longer than regular days?


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