Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Where Have You Been This Week? - I've Been Doing... Stuff...

This one is going to be a quickie because I was watching back-to-back episodes of Criminal Minds online until about 2AM this morning and my brain is a warm gooey mush of sleep deprivation. On a side note, if you need me to work-up a profile on anyone, I think I'm ready. On another side note, I think I'm scared of all my neighbors, now.

- Yeah, it's been that kind of week. Filled with copious amounts of non-productivity. My week began with Tuesday's article on Sprocket Ink. The one with the prison breaking cow (And the awesome title).

- I didn't post again until Thursday with another story on Sprocket about how a celebrity peeing in a plane could cause another stupid craze. My post here on my blog followed the same day with me giving some random, miscellaneous updates of what I was doing while I was slacking off this week.

- I did have an actual post here on Friday, though. In it I told some crazy stories about my and Mrs. C's (mis)adventures in customer service.

And that's a wrap.If anyone needs me I'll be theorizing about just how many shallow graves there might be in the abandoned, overgrown yard next door. It's the perfect place for 'em.

Or sleeping. I might be doing that.


  1. Blogroll has been in delayed updating mode.

    Wait, that wasn't your question.

    Watching back to back episodes of something, done that, enjoyed it, wondered why the next day.

  2. Just found your blog... I like! You're funny!
    I watched back to back episodes of The Wire once, for nearly 24 hours... when I eventually turned off the TV I thought I was in 'the projects'. Unlikely, as I live in the suburbs of London, but it messes with your mind!

    Anyway, I will be back!


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