Friday, August 26, 2011

Okay, Bring It Then!

This week's Studio 30 Plus prompt is "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED". It reminded me of something that happened not too long ago that I thought was funny.

Before I get into it, though, let me remind you to check out my posts in Sprocket Ink. There's the one I did yesterday. It involves pee again, Also as an added bonus I have one there today as well. This one's a touching love story starring a world famous dictator. Just so you know, I'm going writing on Sprocket on Fridays too for a little bit so if you couldn't get enough of me your wish has been granted. Be sure to check them both out. K?
Okay. On to the prompt.

As I said, we're talking about a challenge accepted this time. To be honest, I've never been what you'd call a competitive person. Not in the sense that I go out looking for challenges. I do have a tendency to not want to back down if I am challenged, however. I especially push myself if I know the other person/persons involved expect me to just give up or fail. I'm stubborn that way, I guess. I've been smart enough so far to not let myself be goaded into doing anything dangerous or (too) stupid because of that trait but there have been times when I came close.

Sometimes the challenge doesn't even need to be directly issued. Even if it's implied I still take it on. That was the case a few weeks ago when I was out doing some errands. I was walking along the sidewalk when I came up to this really large guy walking just ahead of me. I passed him and continued on my way. A few seconds later I heard footsteps coming from behind me.

"Excuse me." he said as he overtook me. It was the same guy I passed just now. He was walking a little faster now.

I still wasn't really paying too much attention. I crossed over to the other side of the street to get out of the sun and continued onward. Soon I was feeling a little cooler so I picked up my pace. It was then that I actually noticed it. The same guy was now matching my speed.

"What the..?" I thought to myself, "Is he racing me? Son. of. a bitch! He is racing me! Okay, big man, let's see what you got."

And the challenge was on.

I sized my opponent up. Right away I could see his advantage was that he was taller. This gave him a longer stride. But he was heavyset and he had one of those huge military-style backpacks on and it was stuffed to capacity with only he knows what. He wasn't a soldier. That much I was sure of. His hair wasn't cut or even combed and his beard was long and unkempt. He was a little overweight and wasn't particularly fit looking either.

I was shorter and, of course didn't have as long of a stride. But I wasn't burdened by any heavy load. I'm a little overweight myself, but I was fit for my size. And, since he was much bigger than I, he had a lot more load to carry even without the backpack. Plus, he was going to have to deal with direct midday sun beating down on him on his side of the street. I had a chance.

Soon I realized that he was starting to drop behind. I casually looked back over my shoulder. He was still walking on the same side of the street but much slower. I'm sure he was breathing heavier too. I was right. His size and the heavy backpack proved to be his undoing. In the end he just didn't have what it took - stamina or willpower - to beat me.


  1. You must have been pretty proud of yourself. I mean, how many people could really win a power-walking race with an obese man carrying a heavy load on his back in the sun?

    Clearly you are the King of Speedwalkers and should be hailed as such.

  2. @ Nari: I stopped short of having a trophy made. You know, modesty & all...

    @ Kage: What? Girls don't have impromptu power-walk races?

  3. Haha... Is there anything in life that you men don't turn into a competition?

  4. @ AC: It's more of a really fast walk, actually.

    @ Miss Teacher: I'm so not competitive. I can prove it. Bring any guy here & I'll prove I'm less competitive than he could ever be.

  5. walking is the greatest of all competitive sports, well played


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