Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just Where Have you Been This Week? - I Was Hiding In The Fridge.

Wow, weekend just seem to come up so fast!

Let's begin:

- My first post this week was on Tuesday. It was my take on the Studio 30 Plus weekly prompt "Your Earliest Memory Of Your Own Birthday Party". It was a really weird one.

Of course, you too can join in on the S30P action... As long as you're a member, that is. And I'd expect that, if you are a blogger aged thirty and over, that you're already a member of this great group. Just makes sense.

Also on Tuesday, I also posted on Sprocket Ink about young, attractive Russian women willing to bare it all in the name of supporting their favorite political candidate.

- On Thursday I posted on Sprocket Ink again. This time about the gradually vanishing species known as the German Nudist.

Then I noticed that both my Sprocket stories had similar themes. This made me a bit concerned and I expressed those concerns back here.

- On Friday I wrote a letter of complaint to the sun for the unbearable heat I had to endure.

Interesting side note about this post: This afternoon I noticed this -

I honestly can't tell you why.

Anyway, seems like someone was paying attention because this morning I got a response to that letter:

Along with thunder! Then, as I was out doing errands this happened:

 And I was caught in it the entire time.

I'm wondering if I should build an ark or something.

Of course, I'm not fooling myself into believing that my letter was responsible for the change in weather. That would be ridiculous! I'm sure the weather would have changed whether I wrote it or not.


Dear National Lottery Board,

During my adult life I've purchased lottery tickets no less that eight times with no success. I find this unacceptable as, if anyone is deserving I must say that I am... 


  1. and should the Lottery respond to your letter, please do not forget your BFF Blog Peeps.

  2. I guess it's always worth a try, you never know! Well actually you kind of do but it's not hurting anyone.

  3. @ Nubian: Of course not. A man never forgets his friends.

    @ Simon: Exactly!What's the worst that could happen?

  4. LOL,great read :)

    is it any cooler or now sticky as well?

  5. @ IWBY: It was a lot of rain & the sun never got to make a comeback all dat, so thankfully it's cooler. I can't stand sticky.

  6. Dude. I am your new homie. Can you please write a letter to the weather here in balmy effin' Central Blow-Hio?
    New follower. Saw you at Yo Mama's Blog. And elsewhere, me-thinks.

  7. @ Miss Sassy Pants: Let's hope I don't get more than I bargained for with this change in weather.

    @ Dawn: Thanks for following. Any friend of Miss Yvonne is a friend of mine

  8. Whoa. Those are some serious stats. Maybe it's "undressing the weather"?

  9. @ dbs: You maybe right. Maybe they are getting the title mixed up for something more interesting. Since the post, it went up by almost 60 more views. Weird.

  10. I am so pissed I missed Tuesday!!! haha

  11. "I wrote a letter of complaint to the sun..." This is why I like you Vinny.

  12. I live in Seattle, WA USA so I would never ask the sun to go away. NEEEEVVVVEEEERRRRR!!! Holy crap, I got all insane there about the sun. Clearly I need therapy.


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