Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Where Have You Been This Week? - There Was That Trip To Japan...

I wish I actually could have taken a trip to Japan. Nope. Still home, still unemployed. It's all pretty much as you left it.

Let's see...
- I started off my week with a Sunday birthday post to our lovely and talented Mrs. C. She was really touched by you guys sending all the warm birthday wishes. Thanks again.
- Monday's post was a little bit of a rant. It's one where I talked about some disgraceful violence here in a local school.

- On Tuesday things got a little awkward as I declared my undying love for the country of Japan. This, I took a step further by officially declaring my intention to have the country as my bff on my post over at Sprocket Ink. AND, FOR THE LAST TIME, NO, I'M NOT SHARING!!! You know who you are.

- I took Wednesday off. To hang out with Japan.

- Thursday saw me doing double duty again with another Sprocket Ink story, this time about an amazing insect. Amazing and somewhat disturbing, that is. Then I griped a bit more about my crappy internet connection and how it almost brought about the end all of existence made me post at Sprocket late.

- No post on Friday. First day of-UGH!-Jury service. It ended up being postponed until later in the month YAWN! That's it on that issue.

That's it. That's what I've been up to this week. Don't you feel silly for jumping to conclusions now?


  1. Way cooler week than I had. I think we need more penis posts or Diane with boobs and booty.

  2. I am with Nubian, you had a cooler week than I did.

  3. i didn't jump to any conclusions. this is exactly what i thought you did this week, word for word.

    minus one battle to the death with a bedazzled pink dragon. but other than that, i was spot on.

  4. @ Nubian: I can only handle so much in one week.

    @ Oilfield: Sitting in a courthouse all day on a Friday for nothing is cool?

    @ Kage: Oh, I forgot that. I won. He was surprisingly wimpy for a dragon.


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