Friday, July 15, 2011

Moving Sucks

It's over. The move has been made. Moving is a strange feeling. You're in this strange new place, surrounded by all of your stuff but everything else is different.

We did save some money on the move. My wife's uncle, the evangelist I mentioned once before, also drives a van and helped us move for free. Sweet! That, however, had it's own set of drawbacks.

For one, he is an evangelist so he had to finish some commitments in his church before coming to help us move.

At around 9PM!

Added to that is that, even though he brought his son and another guy to lend a hand, he's family. So I had to help with the heavy lifting. Now, I'm not lazy... mostly, but there are guys who can help carry a fridge down a flight of stairs and there's me. Just sayin'.

Another thing is the van wasn't big enough to to take everything in one trip. It actually took three. We didn't make the final trip till well after midnight. And, since Mrs. C and Evie weren't willing to ride in back, I spent the last trip in the van like this:

After that was done Mrs. C and I got some unpacking. We set up Evie's room first so she could go to bed and proceeded to the other rooms to get a few things in order. By about 2:12am we were spent. We could barely move. Every box that needed lifting required deep contemplation and the summing up of all the will that could be mustered. In our bedroom I clambered up a chair to finally screw in the light bulb. Yes, I said "clambered". That's how tired I was. But we were determined to at least have the right bags and boxes in their respective rooms. We could call it a night if we could get that much done at least. We pressed on.

Then at around 4:30am we surveyed our progress. Everything still looked the same. Everything was still a mess. It was at that point we both breathed a collective "F*ck this shit!" and went to bed. The battle was lost. The junk had won.

When I woke up four hours later I moved some of the furniture into place and then I did my post over at Sprocket Ink. Go on and check it out if you haven't yet. After that was done I went back to bed until about 8pm last night.

The place looks like a home now but it's going to take a little getting used to. Especially having to use a different bathroom. I dunno. That's always been a little unsettling to me.


  1. you're right. moving blows. i've been in my new place for about 5 weeks now & it still doesn't feel normal.
    somehow it seems to be better if you do the kids room first cuz then at least you can send them to their room to get out of your hair & they aren't surrounded by stacks of boxes.
    i hope your bathroom feels right soon.

  2. I firmly believe those boxes start to multiply. Just when you think you are done, you discover another one hiding. Hope it all comes together soon.

  3. Moving in 2 weeks for the first time in 5 years. And my wife in 7 months preggo. It is going to be so awesome.

  4. oh vinny, you guys missed the magic ingredient that always takes the sting out of moving:


    and lots of it.

  5. @ Sherilin: On the bright side, It kind of feels a little like we're on some vacation getaway. Only, we brought all our own furniture.

    @ Oilfield: I think I said those exact words about 7 or 8 times that night.

    @ Nubian: Either that or we somehow managed to pack someone else's stuff into the truck. When did I own two DVD players?

    @ bigavocado: Ouch! I really feel for you there.

    @ Kage: It was in one of those boxes... somewhere...

  6. i probably still have unopened boxes from my last move, will make the next one more efficient.

    I know what you mean about the hotel feeling.

  7. Well, it's not perfect but I'm glad to hear you're in. I totally know what you mean about the bathroom. I think after you mark your territory a few times it will be more comfy like.

  8. @ AC: I was actually glad that there were boxes from our last move 2 years ago that weren't unpacked at all. Less work this time.

    @ M. Hicks: After about 4 hours of sleep the first night (morning), believe me, it got marked quite thoroughly.


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