Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just Where Have you Been This Week? - Hanging Out At Sprocket Ink.

Wait! What do you mean the week's over?! 

I know I've been noticeably absent all this week. I apologize. My brains have felt fried for most of the week (coffee deprivation) and I decided to take the week off. But, while I didn't do anything worth mentioning here, I did manage to do some stuff over at Sprocket Ink.


- On Tuesday we were talking fashion to deal with the extreme summer weather from my favorite place for all things quirky, Japan.

- I did some overtime and posted on Wednesday too with a funny story about DIY surgery... AGAIN! Honestly, people, when is that kind of stuff ever a good idea?

- Then, on Thursday, I put the snark aside for a bit and I got all contemplative on the whole internet anonymity issue that's being kicked around by various social networking sites.

If you missed any of those be sure to check them out.


In other news, I've been working on some toons, including the conclusion to Girls' Day Out but I've had to put it on hold because my mouse is on the fritz. I almost wrote a post about it but all I really had was a title - "Of Mice & Men" - which was cool enough but the story of a glitchy mouse didn't, in the end, seem like something worth sharing.

Anyway, drawing with a touchpad is ridiculously difficult. If I'm ever going to finish it, and the others I've been working on, I may have to bite the bullet and buy a new one.

Also, I forgot to mention this last week but the jury service adventures are over. I the end the magistrate said that we wouldn't be needed any more as the month would come to an end with no new cases that needed jurors.

That's it. You're now officially up-to-date on everything that's been going on here. Monday is public holiday here in T&T. We're celebrating Emancipation Day - commemorating the abolition of slavery here. I'll probably tell you more on that later. Or not. Depends on if I can get my caffeine levels topped-up.

Either way, I'll see you next week.


  1. You week seems more fun than mine.

  2. what is T&T?

    i know what TNA is, but methinks this may be different...

  3. I feel almost caught up. Almost.

    Happy emancipation day!
    What happened to your coffee supply? Things like that are very important.

    Sorry about the loss of your mouse, drawing on a touchpad? Tried that, looked like I had too much coffeeeeee.

  4. @ Oilfield: My week was fun?

    @ Kage: Well... One's a country... But we've got plenty o'that here too.

    @ Littlejohn: Thank you.

    @ AC: I made the mistake of thinking that not going to work every morning meant I needed less. Won't try that again.


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