Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just Where Have you Been This Week? - Finding Things To Complain About.

Another week enters the history books. Me? I'm mostly recovered from my mid-week move and getting used to the new digs. But listen to me go on and on! You're not here for that, are you? It's time for another weekly recap.

- This week I actually got things started off with an article on Sprocket Ink on Tuesday. This is where we learn about goats that only R. Kelly could love.

- On Wednesday, I complained about having to deal with both moving and jury service... But mostly about the jury service. It sucks...

- On Thursday I complained again. This time only about the moving which was finally over. Mrs. C and I spent the rest of the day in recovery.

- Then, of course, there was also my story on Sprocket Ink on Thursday. Here I shared some suggestions on some additional uses for some smart new military hardware.

That's basically it. The good news is that next week I won't be complaining about having to move. However, there is still that whole jury service thing. I'll try my best to keep my rants short.

But I can't make any guarantees.


  1. Ranting is healthy.
    It's people who never complain that scare me, cause what are they hiding in their cellars that makes them so happy....

    WV: "stsatant"

  2. @ AC: As someone who once didn't complain I can safely say that it's best you don't know.

    From the looks of it, seems like my WV might be drunk. Which meant it's having a more fun Saturday night than I am.

  3. Love the lampshade, but what happened to your hands!!??

  4. @ Al Penwasser: It's the curse of stick people. They're notorious for their creepy hands.


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