Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Noticing A Theme Here.

Just a quick heads-up to let you know that I've got another post up at Sprocket Ink today. It's about German nudists

Now, here's the thing... My post there on Tuesday was about Russian women taking off their clothes. While there are obvious similarities with these two posts, they are completely coincidental, I assure you. It just happened like that. It does lead me to wonder, though...

Is there some kind of aversion to clothing happening over there in Europe? Should those of us outside of Europe start getting concerned?

While public nudity isn't my thing, I say, to each his own. But I do plan on traveling one day and since Mrs. C has always wanted to see Greece, I'd just like to know exactly how much of Greece we'd be seeing. Let's face it, not all women over there look like Axia Andreadaki:

Something to think about.


  1. I have been to Greece and don't remember seeing anyone remotely close to this lady. Maybe I visited the wrong islands?

  2. god, will i ever live that picture down? i just looked SO huge and bloated that day.

  3. Henrietta has the best comment ever up there. Damn.

    In other news, I'm considering nudity with this heatwave.

  4. @ Oilfield: Mrs. C's shown me the brochures. It looks like a nice place... Oh you mean with her...

    @ Nubian: That's what I'm afraid of if the whole European Nudevolution (Patent pending) takes place.

    @ Kage: Sorry 'bout that. This was the only one I could use that was close to "G" rated. The others are for my private collection.

    @ Elly Lou: I'm actually in the same boat as you where the weather's concerned. It's not fair! This is supposed to be the rainy season. WHERE'S THE DAMN RAIN!?!


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