Friday, July 22, 2011

Addressing The Weather.

Dear Sun,

As you well know, here in the country of Trinidad & Tobago, we are scheduled to be in the period known as the "Rainy Season" at this present time. This particular season runs from the 1st of June to the 31st of December. It is during this period in which we recover from the onslaught you would have inflicted upon us for the first six months of the year - the "Dry Season" - which is when you get to do your thing.

So, that being the case, I would appreciate some sort of explanation as to why, for almost every day for the past two weeks, I have been greeted by THIS:

Does that look like rain to you Sun? I think not. No, that's you, muscling in on Rain's allotted time. And it's safe to say that you are overdoing it since I have to have an electric fan on and in close proximity, day and night.

I know that this year you dropped the ball during your time and this dry season was, in fact, not all that dry. I understand if you feel cheated by this. That, however, does not warrant your present action of trying to interfere in Rain's business.

This behavior is unacceptable and I think I speak for everyone here in T&T, as well as those in other countries who are presently putting up with your presence, when I say to you, "YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE!!!" I would kindly ask that you cease and desist from your present activity and let good sense prevail.

Thank you.

Vinny C.


  1. Totally agree. Why can't weather just be consistent? Stupid climate change.

  2. It's 12,333 degrees here in Michigan, but it was sunny and raining at the same time the other day. WTH? One or the other, dude.

  3. @ Pickleope: If only we'd listen to Al Gore when we had the chance.

    @ Abby: Yeah, that happens here pretty often too. I think that's when the weather just wants to mess with our sense of logic.

  4. We haven't had rain in forever as well so I know what you are feeling.

  5. I want you to be in charge of the weather. Someone phone the queen or the president or Tom Cruise.

  6. I live in Seattle so I have no complaints in regards to the sun. As a matter of fact, it showed up here today so I may just go play in it. With it? Whatev.


  7. @ Oilfield: Yeah I've been keeping up. The sun's been putting in some serious overtime with you guys as well.

    @dbs: Or Al Gore maybe? I bet that rocks no matter what the pay.

    @ Sugar Free: Enjoy it now. Believe me, the novelty wears off real fast. Especially when you realize it isn't going away.

  8. In Seattle we are having a 78 minute summer, which means we've had 78 minutes of temperatures higher than 80 degrees.

    Shoot me.


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