Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maybe We'll Move To Japan Instead.

We're having a tiny snag in our moving plans. Our soon to be new landlord has decided to pressure us for an early payment prior to our moving in so he can do renovations. This was not what we initially agreed but he's decided to play hardball. He's hinting at giving us what we paid him so far to secure the apartment and canceling the entire deal if we don't come up with the extra funds. This is a problem. We've already notified our current landlord of our intention to move out next week when this month's rental period expires.

Then we went to look at some more places and found the most perfect apartment. It's a new building with all the amenities. Plus, it's $500. (TT) cheaper than we pay now. But the best thing is the view. OMIGOSH, the view! I wish I could have taken a picture to show you guys. I could sit in the front porch all day and never go inside. That, unfortunately, presents the only problem. The amazing view is because the apartment is nestled in the hills of an area called St. James which is locally famous for horrendous traffic on the main road (strike one). The apartment building is on the same street Mrs. C used to live on when we were dating but much, MUCH further in and really hard to get in and out of (strike two). Then there are the steps leading from the street to the apartment. We estimate that they are at least twice that of her former home down the road.

It's a lot.

Again, not the actual steps, but close enough.
We were both literally gasping for breath by the time we got up to the top. There's no way Evie, Mrs. C's grandma, could handle that. (strike three).

In the end, we had to pass it up (WHYYYYYYYY!!!).

So, the choices we're faced with is trying to find the additional cash the current landlord-to-be is clamoring for, asking the current landlord to extend our stay another month, or trying to find yet another place by next Tuesday. Not good.

On the brighter side of things I've got another story for you all over at Sprocket Ink.

Yes, it is about Japan again. I know, but that country is a never-ending source of weirdness. But in a good way. Go check out the story if you don't believe me. It's got-um-employees in the sex industry assisting budding dentistry students. How about that?


  1. Send Diane over to deal with the new landlord. She'll probably even get the rent lowered!

  2. @ Nubian: That could actually work...

  3. Yeah, because moving isn't stressful enough already, right? Gah. Landlords are the scum of the Earth sometimes. Good luck with everything, dude.


    Sorry you're dealing with this.:(

  5. @ ALL: Thanks for the support. We met with the new landlord & sorted his "issues" out. He's agreed to stick to the original arrangement. Only thing is now Evie's decided to be stubborn. She's lived in the western part of the country all her life & has decided she doesn't want to move to the east. I can only laugh at this point.

    To be continued...


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