Thursday, June 30, 2011

Animals Iz Funny! - Now With Words.

You guessed it! It's Sprocket Ink time! Click the link and go check it out. From the title you can guess that I'm talking animals again and you won't believe what I came across while scouring the web for news to bring to you. When I found this story, I instantly fell in love with it. Let's just say it's about a tiny bug that won a big title in an unusual way. Cryptic, I know. Best you head on over to Sprocket Ink & find out. It's called When Animals Dick Around and, yes, there is a play on the words involved in the title. Trust me, you won't believe this one.

Would you guys believe my internet cut out again? This time it happened about an hour before I posted while I had an unfinished story on schedule.

This was followed by a lot of swearing, packing, running, swearing, yelling and more swearing as threw on some clothes and I scrambled to an internet cafe (the closest one being 20 minutes away) to update the finished post that I had typed on my computer.

Then I had to wait another 10 minutes because all the systems were occupied.

Son. of. a. bitch!

Honestly! Did that girl really have nothing better to do but stare, all dreamy-eyed, at some guy's Facebook profile photo for a whole 4 and a half minutes..? And then buy extra time so she could continue just staring at his picture? Really?!

Anyway, I managed to get online and make the changes... About 3 minutes after the unfinished story went up!


It is for you, dear readers, I have made this effort. That being the case, it would be remiss of you to not go over and see what all the fuss was about. Wouldn't it? Besides, the story's totally worth it, trust me.

Let my sacrifice not be in vain.


  1. I'd be so pissed if I had to deal with that. Heading over to SI now... wouldn't want all that to have been in vain!


  2. you and i must have bugs on the brain today.

    oh, and penises.

  3. @ SD: Yup. Pissed off describes it just about right.

    @ Kage: ...Bugs. Definitely bugs.

  4. I'm so tired that I saw "tiny bugs" and "cryptic" and thought how did I end up on Sprite's blog?

    I'm so tired that this is probably only funny to me.

    Have they figured out what's wrong with your connection yet?

  5. Insanity! I would have sent a Facebook message to the dude after she had left telling him of the sick stalking as revenge.

  6. @ AC: Nope. It was funny. Also, it appears that the reason for my crappy internet connection has to do with living in the tropics where even basic technologies are poorly maintained.

    @ Cheeseboy: Ooh! I like that. Damn, I totally dropped the ball that time. Now I want to meet her again.


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