Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Whole Lot of Rambling & Doubt - You Were Warned.

I’m not in the best of moods today.

It isn’t because I’m coming down with the cold. I got caught in some rain yesterday morning and, for some reason, my normally resilient system descended down a stuffy, sniffley, congested slope.

Neither is it due to only getting four hours of sleep last night and then having to deal with a ridiculously heavy workload today. I’ve dealt with this by pushing the stack of paperwork aside to compose this post.

Normally, looking at the morning’s headlines and seeing that it isn't rife with criminal activity but, instead highlighted the spirited political debate among the jackholes respected officials who make up the nation’s leaders and opposition about a matter of national urgency. Was it our subpar health care system? Noooo. How to address the spiraling crime rate, perhaps? Nope! No sir. Apparently a grand piano went missing. HOLY SHIT!!! Why haven’t they called a state of emergency yet?! I mean, a missing piano? This is big! Fuck the ridiculous murder rate! Pianos are going missing, people! We may need to petition the UN for international assistance on this one. Oh, and item number two for debate involved a minister damaging a state owned vehicle. Major stuff going on…

But, no, none of these are the cause of my unease.

Truth is there are some big goings-on in the C. household. We may be on the road to acquiring our own house. Mrs. C’s already seen the place and is ecstatic (I’m going to have my first look this Saturday). She is also really nervous. We’ve talked about buying a house for a long time but conditions were never right before. Now that we’re actually this close she’s having a hard time wrapping her mind around being a homeowner. It's such a grown up move! As a result she suffered a bout of insomnia last night - which, in turn caused me the aforementioned the sleep deprivation.

What has me uncomfortable is the speed at which this whole thing seems to be falling into place.

First off, this entire house opportunity only fell into our laps this Monday. Mrs. C was out completing some errands before she want to work when she met an old friend from her days as a legal secretary. This old friend was involved in the development on a new housing project and, since he always had a crush on her they were such good friends, he’d give us a chance to check it out. We did (or rather, she did), thoroughly. Turns out it’s legit. A senior manager from another branch of the same company she currently works for had just taken possession of one of the finished buildings. All this aside, for the last three days - especially yesterday when dollar signs were finally brought into the equation - things have been pretty hectic.

In our relationship, I'm the tortoise and she's the hare. But we don't work against each other because of it. In fact, our conflicting personalities serve to normally balance each other out. When I'm playing it too cool and cautious she's there to gives me the kick in the ass I need to take the next step. Likewise, when she's moving at warp ten, I'm there to put on the brakes to avoid any crashing into brick walls.

It works.

My cautious personality means I also hate loose ends. I don't need to have all the bases covered but I feel a bit more comfortable with some wiggle room, an airbag, an escape route. The "Oh, for the love of Pete, somebody show me where the blasted exits are already!!!" type. There hasn't been much opportunity to apply brakes in this matter. Time is a critical factor as there are only three or four houses left. The pace is giving me whiplash.

Truth be told, we've gone over the options. We know we wanted to move but that was to save on cost. This brings up another concern. We'll actually be paying more per month than we're paying now. Sacrifices will have to be made. Corners will have to be cut. But, all-in-all, nothing we can't work with. We'd have to adjust to it. I guess I'm being a baby about having to cut out some creature comforts.

I realize that it may just be my cautious nature screaming for some sort of reassurance that this won't all blow up in our faces and (goshthatwalliscomingupmightyfast!), maybe, this could actually be the right step. For now, I just don't know.

I just realized how long this ramble's been going on and I think I'll stop boring you for now (assuming you're still with me, have a drink cookie on me).

Thanks for the patient ear-um-eye.


  1. I hope every thing works out. Home ownership is a huge deal.

  2. I remember how excited I was when I got my first house.

    And how excited I was to move out after the divorce into a swanky one-bedroom apartment with my daughter's hamster.

    Maybe your insomnia is for a good reason.

  3. I have a house that I rent out, and am now renting space with the lady friend.

    It's funny how the house I rent out didn't have nearly the same number of problems when I lived there as it has had since the renter moved in. bastards.


  4. Vinny, did you drop an F bomb up there??? Nice.

    Good luck with the house thing!

  5. First, hope you're felling better soon.

    Second, the government car wouldntt have gotten damaged if that minister hadn't stupidly starpped the grand piano to it in the first place.

    Third, I have always been a safety girl. No risks for me. I bought a house 6 years ago but only as the result of a direct shove right between my shoulder blades by just about everybody I know.

    I don't regret it, other than the current housing market out here which prevents me from selling the house and relocating. When I bought it, the housing market was moving the other way and I had three days to decide yes or no.

    I completely get it. I needed time to breathe for a minute and there didn't seem to be enough air around.

    I have no suggestions but a lot of empathy.

  6. Sorry to hear you are feeling sick. But if truth be told, I do kind of like the outspoken Vinny who drops the eff bomb!

    Best of luck with the new house. At least you will be putting money into something that is yours.

  7. @ Oilfield Trash: Thanks. Believe me, we're kinda bugging out in our own special ways over here. And, of course, thanks for following.

    @ Moooooog: That makes me feel a whole lot better. Now, at least, I know I have a chance at keeping the goldfish.

    @ SD: Not us. We're good tenants. And as long as the TV hides that big old dent in the wall from last Christmas, we'll stay that way.

    Oh, and welcome to you too.

    @ Sugar Free: You noticed, huh? I only reserve my F-Bomb for special occasions.

    @ Nari: First, thanks. Second, bwahahaha! The image of that in my head is priceless. Third, arrrrgggghhhh! Sorry, mind still blown here.

    @ The Empress: I too have noticed a certain charm in my crankiness. Maybe I should be in a bad mood more often.

  8. Vinny, that does sound like a break neck pace. I wish all the best for you and Mrs. C. Darling Husband and I have a similar yin and yang kind of relationship. We're so different but it serves to balance us out.

    For the record, you are charming when you are cranky and charming when you are not.

  9. Hi,
    I'm about to have time to check out blogs, because like you I've come down with whatever everyone else has. *Sneeze*.

    Good luck with the house.

  10. Vinny, we are one week away from moving into our new home and just got the settlement figure from the conveyancer. Very scary number. I can understand your stress but it is exciting times. Good luck with it all

  11. It wasn't the rain that got you sick. There's something going around the blogosphere. Or you've been making out with Vapid. Either is possible, really.

    I'm about to put my apt back on the market so I can try and buy a house again. It sucks. But in the end it's usually worth it. Usually.

  12. mr punker and i have the same relationship. opposites are good. ying and yang. balance.

    this is so exciting! i'd be bouncing off the walls with insomnia too.

    i'm sure everything will work out for the best. good luck to you and mrs c.

    ps: when's the housewarming party? it can be virtual. i'm easy when it comes to a party. i just tap my franzia box and mosy up to the screen. too fast?

  13. Go with the flow Vinny... When I bought my first and last and never again house, in 1 week (around Christmas) a branch broke off a tree and went straight through our bedroom window, our septic tank collapsed, the heater broke down and so did the dryer. But we were happy anyways!

    And, I also have an award for you (what could make you happier than an award from me???)

    my cyber house rules

  14. Even under strain you're funny! I'm so glad you pushed your workload aside to post! Priorities, right!

  15. @ ALL: Late response, I know. Cold had me floored for most of the weekend.

    @ Toristellar: I guess that's why they say opposites attract. And, thanks. I try to balance both sides of my personality out.

    @ A & G: *Passes tbox of tissues* Bless you. Way to find the silver lining, though. More time to read blogs is a plus in my book.

    @ Mynx: Good luck to you too. $$'s aside, I've changed addresses enough to know how stressful the moving itself can be.

    @ Elly Lou: You're possibly right. I should check my firewalls & make sure my computer isn't passing something on.

    @ pattypunker: Sweet idea! At least if it were virtual I'd actually have some fun people at there. My IRL friends are b.o.r.i.n.g. Plus, clean-up would be real easy.

    @ Miss Nikki: Gracias, chica (please note: can't speak Spanish to save life). Getting your award makes me feel a little better already.

    @ Sandra: Exactly! The way I see it I'm doing them a service. If I'm going to face a mountain of work, I should be, at least, be allowed to vent first, fight?


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