Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Things That May Cause Severe Emotional Trauma

I see annoying people. Walking around like regular people. They don't know they're annoying...
Of course, shout out to Keely the Un Mom for Random Tuesday Thoughts possible. See her for a more skilled random experience.

- What I remember most about The Sixth Sense is being told by some idiot in Thai-boxing class about the Bruce-Willis-being-a-ghost surprise ending the day before you actually saw it.

I went back the next day and punched him... Hard. You can call it sparring, if you like. I call it, "Thanks for ruining the entire movie for me, asshole!"

- I was reading about this new restaurant called Atmosphere in Dubai. It's on the 122nd floor. The designer says you're supposed to feel elegant, luxurious and sexy when you eat there (it amazes me, sometimes, that they can actually say douchey things like that with a straight face). Then again, at that altitude, gravity may not be an issue and you may actually be weightless even after your meal.

Since Mrs. C is extremely terrified of heights, if were were to overlook the hefty airfare and cost of the meals, the words that come to mind to me are nauseous, paralyzed with fear and I'mnothungryanymorepleasegetmethehelloutofhere!!!

- Speaking of nauseating restaurant ideas, I'm sure you've heard that Flavor Flav has opened a restaurant. Yup! Flav's Fried Chicken has arrived. The experienced has been described as having an extremely oily smell but surprisingly tasty.

I think I'll pass.

Flav intends to work in the premier location in Iowa. There, he'll be seasoning, flouring and frying the chicken himself. Plus, if he decides to serve you your meal too can look forward to this:

You hungry yet?

- There's a rule about walking into a public restroom and finding the lid down. You're supposed to just back away slowly and quietly and try your luck elsewhere. I ignored that rule today.

I may have nightmares for weeks.


I'll end on a positive note. I have to thank Nenette over at Life Candy gave me Stylish Blogger blog:

This one's got some rules to follow and I'm going to dedicate a post specifically to it. For those of you who haven't checked Nenette's blog out yet, go on over. Trust me, you'll feel good about yourselves when you do.


  1. Imagine Flaver Flaves friend chicken in Dubai on the 122nd floor. Now there's a nauseating thought. Let it sit there in your head and see if the idea settles in your stomach. Or not.

    ツ my cyber house rules

  2. haha I wrote "friend" chicken when I meant to say "fried" chicken. Imagine EATING your friend the chicken? That would be wrong.

    ツ my cyber house rules

  3. Congrats on the award.

    Flav cracks me up. Chicken joint? Really? I can see that giving you the shits really easy.

    On a another note, the Roast Of Flav on comedy central was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

    And on another side note, I actually met Flav when I worked for the Houston Rockets when I was in college.

  4. Wow, I can think of a lot of places that I would like to fly just to eat a meal, but I don't think Dubai was ever on my list, no matter what floor it's on. And Flav chicken... it's sad how well this will probably do.

  5. Annoying people do indeed walk around masquerading as regular people and they are about as successful at it as all of those idiot people out there.

    Weight Watchers may want to team up with Mr. Flav since being served fried chicken by such a hygenically-challenged individual would surely be a great food intake control device.

  6. Don't judge those Dubai restauranteurs too harshly: I tell people to read your blog because, and I quote, "it will make you feel elegant, luxurious and sexy."

  7. Thanks for the laugh! Annoying add on: When at work you tell something about yourself and the same person who does it every single day and yet you haven't learned by now, will chime in with THEIR story to beat your's. It's tiring and annoying. It doesn't make me feel sexy either. However, I MIGHT order Flav's Fried Chicken for them on their next birthday.. just cause I'm guessing it would be followed by a detailed BATHROOM story and it would require NOT lifting up he lid. (I too share that rule!)

  8. @ Nikki: Oh. I was wondering why I'd let Flav's chicken friend sit on my head while in the upper atmosphere.

    @ Oilfield: You met him? That must've been scary-um-interesting.

    Also, I agree. That roast is definitely one for the archives...

    They should lock Flav in there too while there at it.

    @ paulsifer: Sadly, you're right. After Snooki got a NY Times bestseller, I'm surprised by nothing.

    @ Nari: How much do you want to bet he finally makes bulimia the new fad diet?

    @ Di-Pi: Well... When you put it that way, I guess douchey might have been a bit extreme.

    @ Kristen: Of course! A weapon of punishment. That is the most practical use of Flav's chicken I think anyone can come up with.

  9. Someone stole my "Sixth Sense" experience too. I'm still angry.

    Flav's fried chicken? I think his clock stopped.

    And congrats.

  10. Agreed, Flav's picture doesn't exactly inspire an appetite.

  11. The guy in Sixth Sense is a GHOST?! (jk)

  12. Always, always avoid the closed lids...nothing good ever lies beneath! Say...when you get the chance or feel the notion, head on over to my little ol' blog; there's a nice warm award waiting for ya ;o)

  13. My hubby shares the same fear of heights as your wife - which means we'll never know if it's true you feel elegant, luxurious and sexy eating there. ;)

    I think I'll pass on the Favor Flav chicken...and closed toilet seat lids. ;)

    RTT: Head Colds and Renovations

  14. Would you beleive I hve never seen sixth sense. Guess I dont need to know. Uhmm yeah, thanks for that lol

  15. @ A&G: I think I've been looking for some sort of payback in every Shyamalan movie since... Haven't found it yet.

    @ Dr. Cynicism: It could inspire many other things, though. Fear, revulsion, nausea, to name a few.

    @ dbs: Glad I really didn't ruin it for you. Seeing as, when it happened to me, I ended up hitting a guy & all.

    @ AbsolutelyPrimed: Really? Sweet! I'll be right over.

    As for the toilet lid scenario, always trust your instincts. That's all I'm sayin'

    @ Stacy Uncorked: I'm betting there are going to be a lot of closed toilet lids to worry about thanks to Flav.

    @ Mynx: That means you're gonna punch me now, doesn't it?

  16. weightless - did you say weightless? i'm going to insist on going to that restaurant for every special occasion. and by special occasion, i mean every day of the month i feel bloated.

  17. Yeah, I hear it's a nice place but it lacks atmosphere.
    HAR! HAR! HAR!


  18. Went to the Dubai restaurant and I can't refute their claims because I did pass diamonds and Dom Perignon for days afterward. Wait, sorry, that was Flavor Flav's place. The Dubai restaurant just gave me Hepatitis C.

  19. Where's my bottle of chateaux le flav?

  20. You're getting really spoiled with all these awards....although they are all well deserved. Oh, and you have some bloggy love over at my place too. I hope you don't already have one, but if you do suck it up and accept it graciously already!!! *grin*

  21. @ Pickleole: Then I'll pass on the both. Neither experience sounds very pleasant.

    @ Elly Lou: It's a free giveaway with the family meal, I think.

    @ Tory Stellar: I know! If you guys keep this up, pretty soon I'll turn into a total brat.

    Of course, thank you.

  22. At the expense of revealing the town I live in, I couldn't help but comment on the whole Flava Flav restaurant which is located in my town. I haven't been there and have no plans to, but you should see the lines of people waiting to get in! Even in the cold and snow, they're lined up down the street! Craziest shit I've ever seen.


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