Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Luvin' & Shameless Pluggin'

Whew! It's been a busy past two weeks. First. was the surprise (possible) house purchase (more on that when I have any news). Then that whole battle with the head cold from hell (I'm not a zombie so I guess I won). Also, school's back in and, in a totally out-of-character move, I managed to post almost every day this week. I've also just managed to pass the fifty follower mark *waves “hi” to new homies* Sweet!!! You guys are awesome!

But this is a bit overdue. I won't go a step further without saying thanks to some kind people who shared some blog love with me recently.

First, I got this baby here from Vicki over at Glitter Frog for winning her weekly Tuesday Toss-Up caption contest:

Want one? Go on over and and be snarky. You just may be next.

This next one comes from both, it's creator, Miss Nikki at my cyber house rules and Nari at narislife. This award is also given out to witty commenters.

These three are really great bloggers themselves and you should totally check them out if you haven't yet. You won't be disappointed. Trust me.

The second award comes with the condition that I answer one question. I'll get to that in a bit...

Hmmm... Two awards, from three separate bloggers, given to me for my snarky commenting abilities. You'd think, say, if there was, maybe, oh, I don't know, some kinda vote going on right now for that sorta thing that I'd have a chance, huh?

Oh, by the way, in a totally unrelated topic, Studio 30+ is having their Boomerang Awards and I seem to have been nominated for a few categories, including:

"Newbie Award", "Best Male Blog", "Funniest Blogger", and "Snarkiest Commenter".

Funny that...

Now, as I said before, the second award required me to answer one question. That question is:
Do your witty answers pop instantly in your head when you read the post with an immediate urge to hit the comment button or do you have to sit and ponder?”

In answer to this I have to say, a bit of both. Most of the time, my comments are spontaneous. They generally pop in as I read. Other times, but not as often, I may not comment right away. It may be due to distraction or lack of focus, sleep, coffee, whatever. Then there are times my OCD will kick in and I'll want to make sure the comment is just right. This may involve one or a combination of: googling, spell checking, finding proper reference sources and citations, spinning in my chair for several minutes, placing elbows on desk while I clasp my hands pensively over my mouth in a manner denoting intense concentration, etc.

Unfortunately, I don't proof read after. That always slips me. Sorry, never been my strong suit. This will unavoidably lead to the occasional “comment fail”.

There! That deals with the Q&A segment of this post. Now, if you're a member of Studio 30+, I hope you've voted for me already. If you aren't a member and you're thirty and over, I suggest you quit yer lollygagging (yes, "lollygagging". Sorry for such coarse language) and join. And then vote.


  1. You are a blog god. Anyone who uses lollygagging in a post gets my vote! (Yes, I really did vote for you at S30P)

    Congrats, Vinny!

  2. You are a blog god. Anyone who uses lollygagging in a post gets my vote! (Yes, I really did vote for you at S30P)

    Congrats, Vinny!

  3. Sweet Baby Jesus. Talk about comment fail! I woke up (I swear) like 5 minutes ago and you see this fiasco I'm leaving on your blog???

  4. Now I have to comment so Vicki doesn't feel so insecure up there. I might even comment three times. Well I would if I had the kind of attention span. Which reminds me...

  5. you go vinny C
    badass newbie
    full of the snarky
    never a zombie
    you make me feel lazy

  6. I voted! I voted! (Shit I HAD to since I nominated you... blush and gush). You deserve every award you get! Your comments are the bestest!

    I don't proofread myself either. And I should. My new phone has a funky way of automatically changing my words for the weirdest things! Like I may have ended comments by saying stoopid stuff like "Have a happy wife!" which I guess it's ok, but in certain contexts it can be very odd!

    ツ my cyber house rules

  7. @ Vicki: No worries. Although, I wouldn't say bog "god"... Titan, maybe, or superstar even.

    Kidding! You're too kind.

    @ Elly: Speaking of short attention span. There was time when-


    Excuse me...

    Yeah, you were saying?

    @ pattypunker: Don't worry. I'm sure this is just some kind of fluke & I'll drop back to my two-post/week mode before too long.

    @ Miss Nikki: Why, thanks for helping me get in the race. Just so you know, Mrs. C hates any form of auto complete for the same reason. She makes me disable that feature whenever she gets a new phone.

  8. Congratulations!!!

    I COUNT on you to make me laugh too!!!! And you make me Hoppy as well. Awards well deserved. Seriously.

    I think I've got to get on the bloggers over 30 stuff, man, I qualify. *grin*

    I totally consider you a blog Titan for sure!!!

  9. I'll vote as soon as I can.

    Here's a tip:

    You do know what a synonym is right? A synonymn is a word you can type when you can't spell the other word you were trying to use. It works just as well as spellchecker.

  10. @ Toristellar: Thanks. By all means check 'em out. Trust me, it's a great group of people.

    @ Nari: Oh, the amount of times those have been my salv- have bailed me out.

  11. Congrats!

  12. congrats yo! and quit lollygagging bitch and write more posts!! love youz

  13. Grats on being showered with awards! Please keep the funny coming! And uh, "surprise house purchase?" That sounds like a good story - I'm eagerly awaiting that one.

  14. I knew you'd been nominated over at Studio30, I've been over there voting for you several times.
    I think you have a very humorous and entertaining voice!
    Good luck!


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