Monday, January 17, 2011

For Sale By Owner

One Used Respiratory System.

Full system including nose and nasal passage and accompanying pair of lungs being offered.
Owner recommends that system be used for scrap as it is in serious state of disrepair.

Defects Include:
Items offered have shown tendency to leak profusely when warmed up. Otherwise extensive cleaning required to restore normal function which is obstructed by solidified residue.
Items also have shown a tendency to overheat.

Owner willing to negotiate other more efficient system is currently sought (gills maybe?).

That's as much griping as I'm going to do.



  1. Do you take trade ins? It's over sized. But can carry a lot of baggage (it may actually come with it)

    my cyber house rules

  2. I have a non-functioning reproductive system that I'm looking to offload.

    I think that's an even swap.

  3. Nikki brings up a good point about storage.. when I had my nose fixed there was THREE sets of packing and two rod like things in there. When the Dr started pulling it out it was like David Copperfield pulling handkerchiefs out of a hat. I was expecting a bunny to come out! Point it Vinny.. capitalize on the storage aspect!! Its important.

  4. I'm guessing the person selling the equipment probably also tries to sell things like used underwear or dead Christmas trees mid-January. People never cease to amaze!

  5. @ Miss Nikki: Form isn't important. I'm more concerned with function fight now. Besides, Mrs. C would get used to it,...


    @ Oilfield Trash: And do you believe she gave me a blog award for my commenting skills. If you ask me, she's the real master here.

    @ Moooooog: I'm trying to visualize how the trade would work for me but I'm also kinda not trying to visualize it either.

    @ Mama H: I think you've given me an idea. I could employ the use of a few hankies in like manner to deal with my current problem.

    @ The Empress: You sayin' you'll take the boxers & the tree too? Sweet! I'll throw 'em in half price.

  6. Breaking News: Thanks to an anonymous on-line tip, the CDC was able to identify Patient Zero, responsible for causing the current global flu pandemic. The Hazmat team has been deployed.

    Bless you too.

  7. Can I rent it? I need a day off work and it might do the trick!

  8. I soooo want to see the even swap between Moooooog's repro system and your noggin. No, in truth, I want to see Moooooog's repro system holding up your sunglasses. Yeah, that's it. That's what I want to see. Got any pics? I'll keep them private. I swear I will. I pinky swear.

    my cyber house rules

  9. Gills are over-rated. See "Free Willy."

  10. dbs-Orcas have lungs. Just sayin'.

  11. Gee a week ago I could have tried to sell it at my garage sale. have you tried eBay?

  12. @ Kev D: Right now, feels like 50,000,000.

    @ A&G: Crap! I gotta hide. I always get blamed.

    @ Kristin: Be warned! This'll probably get you a week off.

    @ Miss Nikki: Yeah-uh-no.

    @ paulsifer: For me, not so much.

    @ dbs: Yeah, you're probably right about the gills. I hate when my fingers get all pruny.

    @ A&G: True. But if the end result is still me getting pruny, I'll pass.

    @ Mynx: I'm giving the ad a week to turn up results. Then I try ebay.

  13. A&G I knew that. *averts eyes*
    P.S. Vinny--I voted for you at Over 30 & Wordy.

  14. @ dbs: Sweet!!! Thanks. You're a member now? Awesome!

  15. HA! You win this morning's award for making me spit up my coffee in a fit of guffaw. I say we combine forces here and set up an Ebay ad. Since I've been sick for almost ALL winter, I'm in the market for a new immune system.


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