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An Analytical Look Into Social Interaction

Chapter I: Gender – Male/Female Interaction

Interaction among males and females can be volatile, if not unpredictable, at times. There are subtle differences that must be observed if we are to properly co-exist with others. Often, instances of disagreement can occur. This can happen for various reasons and the reasons themselves can also be unpredictable. More so, when dealing with differences in gender, the situation can become quite volatile indeed. We will not, in particular, deal with the causes of such disagreements but, instead, look at how these situations can be properly handled in order to maintain proper interaction. More specifically, we will look into how the handling of these situations vary based on gender differences.

Scenario A: One Male Offends Another

A group of friends are at a bar. Two of these friends, Robert and Steven, are best friends. They have become involved in an argument. It appears that Robert has caught Steven, who has consumed a little too much alcohol, flirting with his girlfriend, Lacy. Obviously, this situation is enough to provoke Robert to great anger. Steven, upon realizing his misjudgment, seeks to make amends. Steven, being the offending party approaches humbly. He knows that he is in the wrong and seeks to open dialogue with the offended friend, Robert.

Steven admits his wrong...

Now, Steven, attempts a truce.

As a male, Robert is not interested in drama or prolonged conflict and begins to contemplate this resolution. They have been best friends for a long time and Steven was slightly intoxicated during the incident, after all. Though Robert is very angry, he considers Steven's gesture and offer of resolution.

After consideration, Robert then accepts Steven's truce, albeit with some reservations.

Now, Steven, proposes a peace offering to solidify the truce.

Steven's further gesture successfully solidifies the truce. In the end, the conflict is resolved and both parties move to put the matter behind them.

Scenario B: Male Offends Female

This time, let us reexamine this scenario with one seemingly minor change. Like the first time, Steven is caught flirting with Lacy. However, in this scenario, he was caught by his own girlfriend, Diane. Again, Steven sets out to make amends. 

Needless to say, a situation of tension has, once again, been created. It should also be noted that, added to this tension, is the fact that Diane does not like Lacy very much. This is because Lacy always gets attention from the guys due to the fact that she wears shorter, tighter skirts and also because, unlike most other stick women, has breasts...

Large ones!

Once again, Steven, is the offending party and has to resolve the situation. He, again, attempts to open a dialogue with the one offended party, Diane.

Steven admits his wrong. Only, this time, we can clearly see that the volume of hostility from the offended party is significantly more. This may be a bit disarming and one must stay focused in handling such a situation such as this. Remaining calm and focused is key in being able to formulate the right words and actions to properly diffuse the situation.

Unfortunately, Steven does not do this.

As we can see, Steven fails to tailor his type of apology to properly suit the situation. It is widely understood that, when dealing with members of the opposite sex, a certain level of delicacy and diplomacy must be observed. Steven's unfortunate misjudgment quickly leads to the following outcome.
In conclusion, we cannot forget the reverse to the second scenario – where the female is the offender and the male is the offended. However, this can easily be summed up in the last two illustrations.

Scenario C: Female Offends Male


End of Chapter 1


  1. The last one is so true it is not even funny.

  2. Dude. Re: social interaction? You nailed it. (Insert inappropriate pun here.)

  3. I like the part when the woman releases her inner Miss Piggy.

  4. You summed up these situations perfectly ...and reminded women that all it takes to make peace is beer and sex. Awesome!

  5. HA! It ended perfectly; I'm eagerly awaiting future chapters! Great tooning by the way :-)

  6. Lacy is a medical miracle; her heart is upside down.
    Sex with Steven will be very difficult, thanks to Diane. Poor Steven, he was so virile...

  7. Hereby proving that I gave that LOL award to the right person. Most excellent post, WITH bonus graphics.

    P.S. Regarding Scenario A: I still say Robert was acting like a little bitch.

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  9. Damn, Kev D stole my line. Fucker.

    Also? I had no idea you were such an expert on depicting stick figure boobs.

  10. You have done in one blog post what most women spend a lifetime trying to explain to the men we encounter. This should be standard reading for boys age 11 and up. Bravo, sir, Bravo!

  11. I totally dated that Steven guy. It should be clear to you why we broke up. I mean, he's not wearing any pants in a bar. Need I say more??

  12. What about the girl on girl scenario? I think you could have some fun with that....

  13. @ Oilfield Trash: I know it’s ended a lot of arguments here at home.

    @ dbs: So did Robert (I’m a sucker for the obvious)

    @ Kev D.: Needless to say, Steven didn’t like it so much.

    @ The Empress: Yup. That really is all it takes. I never figured where women got the idea that men were complicated.

    @ Dr. Cynicism: Thanks. I’m really getting the hang of this Paint thing. And, believe me, I’ve already got chapter two swimming round in my head.

    @ Antares Cryptos: And drastically oversized too. It’s truly a miracle that the poor girl is still alive.

    @ Didactic Pirate: Thank you, by the way. I agree on the Robert comment. I, for one, would have punched Steven’s lights out… If I wasn’t so scared of Diane. All the same, he does win in the end.

    @ Elly Lou: It’s been a longtime hobby of mine, really. I find my most creative moments come from the things I’m most fascinated by.

    @ Random Girl: You’re welcome. Consider it my PSA to men & women everywhere. Although I think the 11 year-old boys may be too distracted by Lacy to really get the message. I know I am-I mean-would be.

  14. @ Sugar Free: I bet he made you jump kick him a few times, too. Didn't he?

    @ Sarah Walton: I thought about that but in the end I surmised that, knowing Lacy, it would probably end the same way as it did with Robert. Or, maybe, that's just how my perverted mind is telling me it should go.

  15. If you don't carry a PHD in psychology and sociology then this should garnish you one of each. Seriously man, you got this shit pegged like my jean pants in the 80's.

  16. @ ThePeachy1: I'm so on that. As soon as I deal with my current my major (IT), that is.

  17. my favorite post of yours to date!

    i resemble diane's reaction.

    also, i wanna do that fast boxing thing on lacy's fun bags.

  18. The last one is GOLD.


    Sorry guys, you have all been had. But you like it so I guess we are kind of even... ;-)

  19. I kinda want a poster of Diane the Avenger.


  20. @ pattypunker: Careful! They're full of bounce. They could spring back & end up knocking you out.

    @ subWOW: I agree. Total win-win situation.

    @ Nicole: I'll see if she's willing to do a promo shot... After she cools down a bit.

  21. Lacy is rather hot I must say. And I think Dianne needs a valium or something.

    Rophenol...that's what she needs.

  22. I like the *fistbump.* I think that's what's missing from most comics these days.

  23. I'm kind of shocked that Robert and Lacy got together in the first place.

    And that their relationship has lasted from high school until present.

    I always asked myself what a stick figure of Lacy's caliber would see in a guy like Robert.

    He must have bank, or something.

  24. Thats how I hooked in my hubby. Sex and Beer!
    GREAT post. LOL'd a lot :)

  25. LOL! Love this! Found you from Studio 30 Plus. Will be tweeting...

  26. I do believe that's the first time I've ever seen a fist bump with stick figures. That was awesome!

  27. oh ho ho I cam across this when I searched for 'male social interaction' for an assignment. Greatly entertaining.



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