Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally! I Have Arrived.

The day has come, at long last. I've seen other bloggers make mention of their receiving such an honor and I wondered, when, oh when, would my turn come. I'll admit I felt a pang of jealousy whenever I heard of one my friends getting one of these and then felt my heart sink with despair when I would check my email and see that I had been left out... yet again...

Why? Why wasn't I chosen? Wasn't I deserving enough? Like Aesop's old fable, I became the fox calling the grapes sour.

"Screw it!" I thought, "I don't need your attention. You don't define me. You don't validate me!"

But inside I knew it was a lie. I wanted those grapes. Anger and resentment slowly began to well up inside of me. It boiled and churned within creating a bitterness that I fought hard to keep it in check.

But, today the agony ended. Today, I opened my inbox and there it was:


to asvinnycsit

Mynetpharma has left a new comment on your post "Some People Need Feel In Order To Learn.":

I feel so relaxed and surely much updated after reading the articles that you keep updating on the website. It relieves me a lot and at the same time informs me because there according to me isn’t anything that is much informed as you are.

Posted by Mynetpharma to As Vinny C's It at January 10, 2011 5:31 AM"

Awww, hell yeah!!! I've been spammed, yo! Booyah!!! The glass ceiling has been broken and I'm one of the cool kids now. Do you see it? "...there isn’t anything that is much informed as you are..." Such kind words...

Oh, where to begin? First, I'd like to thank the interweb for making this possible. I'd also like to thank blogger, my parents, my fellow bloggers for their endless support. And, of course, I have to thank my loving wife *smiles humbly and waves at Mrs. C in the crowd*. It was through her patience and reassurance that I was able to endure this agonizing wait for my time in the sun. Let me tell you, she put up with A LOT. The drinking, the manic depressive bouts of anger, the endless hours repeatedly checking my four email accounts and comment pages. This honor is as much hers as it is mine. Oh, and let me not forget...

What the?!



  1. If I gave out blog awards, I'd give you one. Hell, I'd give you one for the Kanye pic and caption alone, which made me laugh out loud this morning.

  2. This blog is good information. Where can I find a feed for it?

    Vi@gra cheep!

  3. Where is THE website that Pharma refers to????

    What have you been hiding from us!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

  4. Ah Kanye. Now he's singing about douchebags. And Beyonce doesn't seem to be returning his calls. You however, are being bestowed with all sorts of honours. Congrats. ;)

  5. This brings tears... I knew you when you were just a budding blogger and look where you are now! I am humbled to be a part of your fan base. Do we get cookies now?

  6. HAHAHAHAHA great post! i thought you got the blogger of note thing, and i started to feel the anger churn on the inside... no wait im still def. jealous!

  7. *humbly bows* The spam is strong in you, Young Skywalker.

  8. Vinny, I know you are excited right now, but that was not a spammer, that was actually Miss Teen USA 2007 contestant Miss South Carolina. ( good news is that she is hitting on you and better news is that she's now old enough for you to legally hit back.)
    I hope this eases your pain. You are welcome.

  9. Many times I read my spam comments just for the ones that tell me I am the best blogger ever. It's good to hear--even if you know it's crap!

    xo Susie

  10. @ Di-Pi: Dude, that's a great idea. Call it the "This Blog Shivers Me Timbers Award"...

    Okay, I'll stop now.

    @ Moooooog: Well, It's kinda a knockoff but if the side-effects don't bother you (includes anal blockage followed by explosive diarrhea & spontaneous combustion of the genitalia) I'll send the info.

    @ Kev D: I don't know what you're talking about! heh heh. I mean it's not like I secretly own fb or something... Heh... Or like I cleverly created that other guy as some sort of front man & he's really my android slave or something... No, that would be preposterous.

    Who have you been getting your info from?

    @ dbs: You were one of the people I was totally going to give a personal shout-out before that so-&-so grabbed the mike.

    @ Nubian: Welcome back. Yes, there will be cookies. At the after party. Of course, you're invited.

    @ Constar: Fear not, for I'm certain we shall all be bestowed with the honor of spamming one day

    @ Elly Lou: Yeah? Where's my light-saber then? I need to go thank Pharma properly.

    @ ThePeachy1: Obviously she isn't aware of Mrs. C's prowess with edged weapons.

    @ Susie Kline: And it's such a personalized & fluently said comment too. Strokes the old ego, it does.

  11. You have many good hair follicles here. I relieved myself, and then shook it three times.

    After reading your articles I wish to procreate with you, yet at the same time I feel misinformed...

  12. I also feel relaxed and surely much updated. Keep up the good work, Vinny.

  13. simply brilliant. If I knew you wanted some, I woud have given you some of mine. I like to share

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Especially if it's the spammy kind. I have lots of good friends who want to sell me drugs either through my blog, or now, Twitter. Want me to hook you up?

  16. Not bad for a "vertically challenged" dude.

    hee hee


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