Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And You Thought I Was Irresistible

Well 2011's here and now we all have to get used to not screwing up the date on forms. I've been kinda out of it for the past few days. Made the mistake of doing some retrospective on my life with the new year and got a little depressed. But I dealt with it and I'm back.

When we last left off I was showing off my new awards. Now if you don't already follow dbs and Semi True Toristellar then WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! They're way better than I am. Go see for yourself. Don't worry. I'll be here when you get back.

Back? Alright! So, as was saying, they both gave me some cool awards and, while I've already said "thank you" real nice-like, Tori's comes with rules [insert gender biased joke here].

That's this one:

According to Mynx, the creator of this award, it seems I have to share five guilty pleasures. But before I get into it I'll pass this award on to Nari of narislife. Her's is one of the blogs that definitely keeps me going back for more.

Well now that the foreplay's over with I'll get right into it (twss).

Here we go.

The first is junk food (much to Mrs. C's chagrin). From burgers to fries to pizza to... Great! Now I'm drooling...

The second is no surprise. I've made my love for the magic bean (aka: coffee) well known.

Next is also no surprise: gaming - Sure people roll their eyes and make exasperated sighs when they hear this but it's my hobby... *hugs controller* and I love it.

Okay let's get one thing clear right now. I'm a geek. My major is IT, I watch and read sci-fi, I look forward to some of the superhero flicks coming out and I'm a gamer and this brings up number 3 on my list: Japanese anime (pleasedon'tunfollowme!)

This leads to the last, which is both a guilty pleasure and a secret shame all in one. If you watch enough anime you can't help but notice all that theme music they play called J-Pop which, unfortunately, I've... kinda... gotten... a little... addicted to (PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEDON'TUNFOLLOWME!!!)

There you have it... You know where to leave the hate mail. I'm going to go in a dark corner with a bucket of chicken & my MP3 player (you can guess what's on the playlist).


  1. Yay!!! So glad to see you have complied with the rules. I'm such a stickler for them...NOT!

    I would never unfollow you for Japanese anime or the J-Pop music just because it isn't my cuppa.. We have other things in common. I too love coffee, junk food, sci-fi and superhero flicks! I guess if anyone is going to unfollow you for those things they may as well quit me too. *grin*

  2. Why does that damn button only say follow? Where is the un-follow one?? Just kidding Vinny!! Congrats on the award my friend!!

  3. Everyone gets a bit down after all of the holiday rah rah is over. Glad you're back in the game!
    Since one of my guilty pleasures is betty and veronica comics, (yes, still), I am not here to judge :)

  4. Now definitely follow 'cause I watched Anime and read manga when I was growing up and it's in my blood. (Well, literally since I am 1/4 Japanese... but not to be talked about because of the Sino-Japanese conflict and complicated relations/histories...)

    Now tell me that you go to Comic-Con and that you and Mrs. C do Cosplay. *swoon*

    Congratulations on the awards!

  5. Still following. Now where do I send the bag of my favorite coffee? I think we all need to assist you in your coffee habit.

  6. Ive already screwed up so many times on forms. I wont get it all right till at least mid June.
    I dont watch anime, but wont stop following you because of it.

  7. Ah, gaming. Thou art a hard fisted ruler... I too hug my controller when my wife isn't looking. I'd hate to think of what excuse I'd need to come up with to get me out of that one...

  8. Aw, my best friend is an anime addict, so I won't hold it against ya either! Congrats on the award! You deserve it!

  9. @ Torystellar: I'll be honest, I'm not so much into the whole rule thing either. I think it's the sleep deprivation.

    @ Sugar Free: Oh, you & your jests. FYI, I put the unfollow button through the office shredder just before I published this post. Heh.

    @ Meri: Betty & Veronica huh? I've always hated how Archie was such a dope, not for never being able to decide between the two, but because he never tapped either. I mean, C'MON!

    @ subWOW: I've actually been pushing the cosplay idea for some time. I think she's coming around.

    @ Nubian: I never understood why people talk about enablers like they were a bad thing.

    @ Mama H: Glad you're still on board. I've had to redo about four letters so far just for the date error.

    @ Paulsifer: As far back as when I had a PS2 I just told her the vibration mode feels like one of those massage gadgets. Don't think she bought it.

    @ Vicki: Thanks...

    Can your friend suggest any good new titles?

  10. You are funny! No, I won't unfollow you for HUGGING YOUR CONTROLLER!...sheesh...I guess it could be worse: you could be a hockey fan...that's where I draw the line though: certain unfollow!

  11. Although I HATE anime, I won't hate you because of it. On the cartoon channel here, late at night, it becomes Adult Swim. There's some pretty freaky shit on that channel. And the anime is trying very hard to ruin it...

    I also have a secret addiction. I'm addicted (somehow I can hear Peter Griffin saying "heh heh heh, I'm also addicted to boobies!") back on topic, addicted to being loved and worshiped by hoards of people. That is why I am now at Phase III in the creation of my very own cult. Yes, you can join, no you don't have to shave your head, yes you have to worship me, yes you can still love and worship Mrs. C. too, that's accepted as long as she worships me too (sheesh, too many questions, those are frowned upon in my cult).

    And the new year depresses me too. I tend to evaluate myself too harshly and that won't be permitted in my cult.

    Just don't give up on us ok?

  12. Congratulations on your award! Well done my friend. And no, I will not unfollow you because of your love for junk food or the fact that you are a self-professed geek. Rock on IT nerds!


  13. Unfollow you? Dude. I have hugged way worse.

  14. @ Sandra: Good thing I was never that much into sports then.

    @ Miss Nikki: I miss those Saturday nights. Thanks to Mrs. C's insomnia she controls the TV during those hour so I have to get my fix via the interweb. Did you know that, at one time, they only had anime all night, every night?

    @ The Empress: Thanks. *Makes Vulcan hand sign* Live long & peosper.

    @ dbs: Hmmm... Now you've got me curious about your secrets.

  15. Thanks for passing on the award to me. I'm a new blogger myself so I'm learning as I go and am a little slow on the uptake.

    I love Anime but I'm part Thai so I think it's a rule or something. Not for Asians...just Hapa-Haolis like myself.

    I'm not a gamer (not enough hand / eye coordination). When I play video games, I just become incredibly angry and cuss a LOT. Maybe it would help if I drank more.

    Either way, I will make my list shortly and just so you know...geeks are the best people EVER!


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