Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Where Have You Been All Week... I Mean All Month... Or Is It 3 Months?

Just before I started with The Paper I stopped doing my weekly wrap-up posts. What can I say? I've had an eventful past few months.
First off, say goodbye to this toon. I've decided to give my wrap-ups an intro graphic like most of my other posts. So... introducing my new weekly wrap-up graphic!
I said "new" not necessarily "improved".

Now, on to the recap. I've decided to spare you the details of the last 3 months or so of stuff that have been going on. Long story short, crappy internet, new job, Christmas, New Year great blog friends encouraging me along the way and so on.

Now that we're all up to date I'll recap what I've been up to in the past week. Let's start with my activities here:
- Things have been pretty quite this week. Mostly that's because, as I said in Tuesday, my internet is being an asshole troublesome again. It started working again today. Mostly! Really slow connection but at least I can connect.

- Not to be deterred, I've been making extensive use of Blogger's post email feature. That's how I was able to post about one of my paranoid delusions suspicions I have from time to time.

A lack of internet did not stop me from posting on Sprocket Ink:
- On Tuesday we looked into a study revealing a male preoccupation with sex and violence. No shit! Really?

- Thursday I had fun with puns as I wrote about how one German city is dealing with its economic problems. The word "Robopimp" is used... And it actually makes sense.

And that's what I've been up to this past week. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this consistent from now on. If not... well... then I guess I won't.

Don't you just love the whole  "my blog my rules" thing?


  1. I especially like how your tape is transparent. Nice detail man.

  2. I like the new graphic. Very clever. Some internet is better than no internet, right?

  3. Please don't make weekly wrap ups mandatory.

    Very colorful new toon. Marketing strategy?

  4. Like Dbs I was impressed with the transparent tape.. nice one!

    Slow internet is annoying...don't they know we have no life if there is no internet... ;)

  5. digging the site (esp. the visual on the "wrap-up"). new follower here, looking forward to catching up on your rockin' archives! (ps--found you thru trifecta....)


  6. I'm just relieved you lived through the internet crisis. Even on evenings at home when I don't get on it (hey, it happens on occasion) I know it's still there, dammit!


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