Friday, February 3, 2012

A Case Of Murder Most Fowl.

This is overdue.

Remember back in December when I posted about my little issue with trying to get banana leaves for my wife's pastelle recipe? Probably not. But anyway, to summarize, a dove decided to nest in the banana bunch growing on the tree and I had to figure out how to get them without disturbing the nest.

Well, I did. I got the leaves and was careful enough to not only leave the nest intact, but  the mother, who was somewhat skittish, remained calm enough to just sit on her chicks and eye me cautiously. What can say? I gots mad skillz.

So we got the pastelles made:
I was supposed to take a picture of it whole but I couldn't help myself.
We even managed to get it done pretty early, since we weren't doing any sale orders this year. As I mentioned, we've lost entire nights of sleep making hundreds of these.

About two days later I went to the backyard to check on the new family in the bananas. That when I stumbled upon the scene.

The nest was on the ground and there were down feathers everywhere. You'll thank me for not taking pics this time. But, needless to say I wasn't happy with the situation. Neither was Mrs. C when I told her.

Who could have done this? My first guess was "Holy crap! SOMETHING ATE THEM!!!"

We have a lot of other creatures living in the area like the Zandoli, a lizard that scurries all over the place around here. They can grow as long as two feet, I've heard.
I had to chase this one from my mothers living room the other day.
But I found out they only eat insects so I ruled them out.

My main suspects became one of the neighbors. All the banana trees were mutilated and most of the leaves were hacked off for most likely the same reason I took some. We take our pastelles seriously here in T&T.

I may never find out who is responsible.

I know. This news sucks but I still felt I should share it


  1. Probably the neighbors who aren't the considerate friend of the animals you are.
    There's only one way to know for sure, call Robert Downey Jr. He'll either Sherlock Holmes out the answer or he'll Iron Man the shit out of 'em.

  2. Man, my first day back and I gotta read this sad story. Oh well, I guess we gotta take the bad with the good.

  3. Boo! It reminds me of the bear that mauled my peach tree. It just ruined everything and basically gummed every peachy a little bit. Not enough to eat them all but just enough so that we could eat any of them.

    Sorry about the birdie family.

  4. I lived in Puerto Rico for a while and those lizards were everywhere. We would find them inside the house all the time. It wasn't too bad once we got used to them.

  5. How sad! And all in the name of food...

  6. Must have been a monkey. They love bananas don't they? Or... did you have a bad nightmare recently? Like when you dream you're eating a giant marshmallow and you wake up and your pillow is gone and you have a sore stomach? I still say a monkey. Or a monkey dreaming about eating bananas that tasted like chicken...

  7. Oh and btw, I totally remember the pastelles and was so anticipating a pic, so thanks for remembering! Tasty looking! That better not be dovemeat in those leaves!

    p.s. sorry. was that insensitive?

  8. @ Pickleope: You’re right. Downey is the man for the job. Personally, I hope he goes with the Iron Man approach.

    @ Paul: Paul? PAUL!!! Dude, welcome back! Wait... Something’s different about you... Did you loose weight?

    @ AVB: Well who or whatever was responsible at least left the bananas intact. I’m especially thankful we don’t have bears here.

    @ Brett Minor: I have fond childhood memories of those things making my younger sisters scream like banshees. Good times.

    @ Idahomie: Exactly. People really piss me off sometimes.

    @ Nikki: While we do have monkeys here, but they’re not fans of the suburbs apparently. As for the meat, I swear it was chicken. Actual chicken.

  9. Go into neighbors home, rearrange their furniture, then eat them.

    Who? What?

    Sorry, I was daydreaming...

  10. Poor li'l birdies! Maybe they were eaten by Sylvester the cat. That bastard has been after Tweety for years!

  11. We had a butcher bird that nested in or tree.. it became quite aggressive, so we had to keep out of the back yard for a time, while it reared its babies. Then one day we found out the neighbour killed the mother...ggrrr! Was so angry.

  12. @ AC: We've all had those fantasies from time to time.

    @ dbs: I din't think it'll fit in the tree.

    @ Opto-Mom: Good point. Doves aren't as skilled at wielding a giant wooden mallet as Tweety.

    @ Sprite: That's what I don't get. Ground Doves are the most docile birds in existence. Why mess with them?

    @ Nowhere Man: Never trusted that guy. First of all, he keeps showing up even thought we never pay him... Come to thing of it, who hired him?


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