Friday, January 27, 2012

Paranoid Activity.


Editor A: Vinny, Curly called in sick. Want to cover court proceedings?
Me: I don't mind, but someone was supposed to go with me & show me around. Plus, I have an assignment for 11.
Editor A: Oh. We'll see what Editor C can do.
Editor C: Curly called from home already and found out there was nothing important going on in court today.
Editor A: Oh... Well go anyway, Vinny. Just walk and get the layout. You know! Talk to people 'n stuff. You can leave when you have to go to your 11 o'clock.
Me: Um... Ooookay...

While most people would have used this opportunity to go pay a bill or take care of some other errand, I am plagued by...

- Secret Paranoid Suspicion# 23: My employers, past and present, have me under surveillance. They track my every move. -

So, as a result, I spent the 45 minutes that followed that conversation wandering the halls of the courthouse like an idiot.

Since my phone is probably bugged as well, they're probably reading this post I'm typing up on it too.

All of this is normal. Right?


  1. I used to work for the Sheriff's office. The phone lines were recorded, office had microphones, and there were cameras everywhere. The paranoia sets in real quick.

  2. already sent proof to the boss that you were working..
    Crazy Cake Lady

  3. I have the same feeling! Like they implanted something that allows them to track me with GPS. And I assume they have a camera and timer in the bathroom to track how long I'm spending on the toilet.

  4. You should hit up a website like thinkgeek and stock up on some counter surveillance gear... only one way to be sure.

  5. Has your poop changed color recently? If so then ABORT! MAYDAY! They have been doing much more than bugging your phone! R - U - N - F - O - R - Y - O - U U - R - L - I - F - E!!!

    Either that or they realized how much of a hard worker you are and deserved a break at the courthouse!

  6. The coffee mug I sent you was actually sent to me by your boss to give to you. When you walk around with your coffee mug, do lights flicker?

  7. Reason #26 why I like you.


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