Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Real Friends.

Yes, I do have a new post over at Sprocket Ink today. But there's something else I have to say before I send you over.

Ever since I've started blogging, I've witnessed another side of people that I rarely see displayed in the RL. Bloggers have a way of forming connections with each other that bridge even the furthest distances. I've seen people form real friendships with people they've never met face to face and, no, that isn't pathetic.

Despite what someone who isn't a part of this world may think, bloggers aren't just geeks hiding from the real world in front of their computers. Almost all of the bloggers I've met since I first started are real people with real lives, most of whom have done way cooler things than I ever have. Only they're not afraid to share their lives and innermost thoughts with others.

Because of all of the talent and sheer awesomeness I come across every time I open my reader, it's safe to say that you guys intimidate me. I mean that. I'm proud to call myself a blogger.

Why am I gushing on and on like this? Well it's because that blogging kindness I just mentioned has struck again. Only this time, a lot closer to home.

When I first started blogging, one of the first people to hit the "Follow" button was a blogger called Nubian. Since then, she has always been there with a witty comment or an encouraging email. You could say, she's been one of my primary enablers.

Well, it seems she's taken it a step further because on day she sent me a message asking for my address. I knew what was coming after that.

I'll be honest. I try to avoid letting people send me stuff since I live all the way in the Caribbean and I don't want to put anyone through that expense. But, she wanted to send me a Christmas gift and I know her well enough to know that I couldn't refuse.

After some logistical issues with the post office (Read as: They gave the term "snail mail" new meaning) which, in turn, almost made her go postal on the postal workers, Nubian's gift finally arrived today (I guess by postal service standards, January 17 is close enough to Christmas).

Anyway... Behold! The package!
FYI, Not the first time I've said that. Even though it was under different circumstances then.
And here's what came inside.
I know! Awesome, right?!
This is for Mrs. C and her grandma, Evie.
But the rest... MINE!!! ALL MINE! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!


First, we have this:
Yes, KA-POW! It's like a chocolate bar only, not. They don't waste time with weak-assed chocolate in this stuff. What we're talkin' here is pure coffee, baby!

And next: I always said I wanted a bigger coffee mug. Now I've got one.
This baby's only available in London. SWEET!
As you can see, despite battling two different postal services and customs, it arrived unharmed. That's a Christmas by itself is a miracle if there ever was one.

Of course, to go with my new mug, I have some new coffee.
They make a cute couple. Don't you agree?
I'd have some now, but I've already had a block of the Ka-pow! and think the combination might make my head explode. It's that potent.

Last, but certainly nowhere near least is this lovely little card.
I won't share too much of what's inside. Let's just say, we accept your offer and can be all packed in an hour. *wink*

So, I'll say thanks once again to you, Nubian. You're more than just a longtime follower in my book. You're a real friend.

Okay... *sniffles* You guys go to Sprocket now before I hug someone.

[UPDATE: I've just been handed new information (new to me, that is) that Nubian's blog is no longer private. As such a link has been added. Carry on.]


  1. "I know her well enough to know that I couldn't refuse." in other words, that bitch has a bitch slap like none other.

    So thrilled it FINALLY got there. This package was mailed 9 Dec 2011.

    Just in time for Christmas this year!

  2. That was really GREAT and uplifting. The sincerity came through and really made me (at the very least) feel upbeat, maybe because I identified a LOT with that second-and-third paragraph.
    You deserve all the gifts and accolades you have received. Well done, sir.
    Off to Nubian's blog!

  3. By the way, I meant to mention that if we're ever within driving distance of one another, I OWE you a drink. And if you don't drink, I OWE you a carbonated drink of your choice for all the free entertainment you have offered.

  4. I need a partner in crime like this from the blogosphere now... I'm completely jealous...

    Congrats on the stuff! But wait, coffee from Oregon and a mug from London? Those are, well, a ways apart from one another...

  5. @ Kelly: Why, thank you. It seems writers have a long-winded way of saying thanks.

    @ Nubian: Exactly! I'd rather you use your powers against the postal workers who dragged their feet than on me.

    @ Sprite: Isn't it? But I think I need to go back to my usual silliness before I end up changing my blog theme to pink & flowery.

    @ Pickleope: Very kind. And, yes, I like my alcohol just fine.

    @ Idahomie: I didn't mention, she travels from time to time. She actually picked the mug up when she was there.

  6. Some of the people I have met through blogging I feel are real friends. I know exactly what you mean. I have had gifts sent to my home yet, but I haven't sent any to anyone either. Nubian sounds great, Awesome post.

  7. couldn't agree you with you more on bloggy love. i have a group of bloggers i meet now once a year in new york. (you probably know them as that's how these communities grow) anyway, i look more forward to that weekend than any. we also have email convos regularly. the truth is i do hide behind the internet but i'm not afraid of real connections and sharing my innermost thoughts. it's just that RL relationships haven't always been conducive to that, or as accepting and supportive.

  8. @ Brett: I'm sure you'll agree that with or without the gifts, it's all good all the same.

    @ patty: I'd love to meet a lot of you guys in person.

  9. Quite a bit of parallel thinking here, there is something special about blogging. (And I don't mean that in the cake lady special way)

    A thoughtful gift; a limited edition mug to keep you nice and caffeinated. What more can a writer ask for.


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