Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Where Have You Been This Week? - Having Fun With Pictures.

This wrap up's going to be a quickie. Mostly since I haven't really posted much this week. I've been really busy and that's due to the fact that we're moving in less than a month. Yeah. And, since I'm the one who's at home, I've gotten started on the packing. I'll say this much, we have an unnatural amount of kitchenware for three people.

- On Wednesday I accepted a blog award from Antares Cryptos in honor of my geekiness and I had some fun playing with some pics from my computer. On Thursday I phoned it in with a non-post (Trust me, it's not even worth linking).

- Then, of course I had my two articles at Sprocket Ink on Tuesday and Thursday where I looked into a recent scientific study into the worst sound in the world and I had some more fun with pictures while discussing "natural" stupidity.

And that's it, basically.

Next week, though, I hit the ground running with a little something special I'm auto-posting tomorrow morning. Be sure look out for that.


  1. Good luck with the moving because moving is about as enjoyable as what happens when you expose yourself to an amorous really, don't expose yourself to amorous baboon.

  2. Did you pack up your comments?;)

    Moving? Sorry. Ugh.

  3. @ Pickleope: I've never had the experience myself but I'm not one to ignore sound advice.

    @ AC: Alright, I get it. I'll respond to my comments more.

    Yeah. Fun fun fun.


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