Friday, June 17, 2011

Girls' Day Out

I sat down to write a post sharing my thoughts on the meaning of life and my theories on what could possibly bring a compete end to war, world hunger and reality television.

Then I got bored and drew a toon of Lacy:

Then I forgot what I was going to write about. The hours after that were a blur but the following is the result.

I apologize in advance:


In an effort to end the hostilities between them, Lacy took Diane out for a day on the town. Their first stop was to help Diane pick out a new wardrobe:

UPDATE: Continued here.


  1. LOL! Diane's got sum Junk in da trunk....

  2. lol! i love that it was a tube top!

  3. This cracked me up!!!!

    You do a great job with the stick figure drawings. Love em.

  4. This was hilarious. Your insights into the female mind are rather frightening. Thanks!

  5. I dunno man, this cartoon may be the road to world peace. Not so much the subject material, but to get us all laughing a little. Two birds with one stone and all that. :)

  6. LOL. tube top, too funny.

    You've been shopping with Mrs. C, haven't you?

    WV: "ching" ;)

    BTW, does Diane have dreads or in need of a wig?

  7. @ Sprite: Spin class. Three times a week. Never misses it.

    @ Sherilin: That part was one of my favorites too.

    @ Oilfield: Well that's good news. There will be more to come.

    @ M. Hicks: Sometimes it scares me too.

    @ paulsifer: Based on that advice, I'm considering submitting this post to the UN.

    @ AC: "ching"? Maybe I can make some cash off this. I see a movie in the works with Angelina as Lacy & JLo as Diane.

  8. I'm telling Allie (Brosh) she has competition. Na-na-ne-poo-poo, I'm telling, I'm telling!

    Nice job! Or as my guy would say: "Them are some nice titties!"

    ツ my cyber house rules dot com

  9. The tube top part was great. I love that it's "To be continued"! Looking forward to seeing the follow-ups! Like Michelangelo over here...except you're not painting this al-fresco...and it has funny words...but still good.

  10. The tube top is genius! And the booty is upside-down Lacy. Excellent toon.

  11. Awesomeness.
    Hey...I think you need a guy with a bum chin.

  12. @ Nikki: Careful. If you start comparing me to the likes of Allie my head may start resembling my stick people... Or maybe it does already...

    @ Pickleope: Yeah I had to break the story up. Once I got started with this my mind went to all sorts of places. Too much for one post.

    @ Anonymous: They're two sides if the same coin, those two. Together they may probably make the perfect porn star.

    @ dbs: I think I can work something in for the follow-up.

  13. Baby got back! Yeah. I agree with dbs we do need to see a guy with a bum chin.


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