Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Her Obsession.

Tuesday's here!!! So you know what that means, right? You do know what it means... Right? What's that? My new post up at Sprocket Ink this morning? Great! You remembered. You had me worried there for a sec. The direct link th the story's below, at the end of the post.  Go on check it out.

Now I need to share something. I have often mentioned my obsessions: coffee, video games, etc. But I’ve never disclosed a somewhat deep, dark secret lurking in my loving wife’s closet.


Mrs. C loves her some Tim McGraw! A fact that was brought to painful remembrance that night of the recent Idol finale. Actually, to say she’s obsessed with him might be putting it mildly. I’m fairly certain that she would barely hesitate to kill me in my sleep if it meant she'd get a chance to meet him. She even knows the lyrics to his songs! Not entirely impossible for a two-thirds black, one-third Venezuelan, born and raised in the Caribbean...

But you got to admit it seems a tiny bit far fetched.

I’ve always known of this and I knew she was, in fact, settling for me since the vast distance between them. Still, I look to the day when she can look at me with the same desire in her eyes that she shows Tim.

Maybe I need a cowboy hat.
One day, perhaps.

Anyway that story over at Sprocket Ink is waiting. As an added bonus, I'll let you in on a little something. I've been drawing again. Really! Go check it out.


  1. When you said you found something in my closet, I was really expecting a picture of a full leather mask.


    I thought I left it there for sure.

  2. you are way cuter than tim mcgraw.

    actually, to confirm that, i would need to see you in a cowboy hat.

    please send pictures posthaste.

  3. Buy a hat and stand in the dark man. You could pull it off.

  4. @Paul, funny.

    Couldn't she have picked Batman?
    Trying to think positive here. The next gen husbands might have to deal with Bieber. *shivers*


    My hubby has to fight for attention whenever I see Ronan (from Stargate Atlantis), now also in "Game of Thrones" mmmmmmmmm....

  6. @AC
    That's not funny man... girls/women desiring Bieber is depressing. Shame AC, shame for even joking about it possibly coming true. :)

  7. @ Moooooog: Nooooo... That one's mine. It was a gift. I remember she said it was supposed to be a surprise when I found it. I almost ruined the whole thing. I remember it clearly.

    @ Henrietta Collins (aka Kage): Just for saying that, the picture will be me only in a cowboy hat.

    Of course it will just be a headshot so you'll have to use your imagination.

    @ paulsifer: I suppose that could work. I can pull off a country accent if I really try.

    @ AC & paulsifer: Nah, she's not into guys who wear leather tights

    Is it too much to ask that his career crash & burn long before that happens?

    @ Sprite: Oh, him? She shares your sentiments about him too. I'm so screwed.

    @ dbs: Agreed! I do rock a knit hat though.

    There are a few guys here that have tried to pull off the cowboy look. *shudder*

  8. @Sprite and Paul, I have an obligation to warn people about the potential 2025 Bieberpocalypse.

    @Vinny, tights??? Cape and gadgets! Ok, maybe just gadgets.


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