Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uh-Huh! That's What He Called Me.

I did an article over on Sprocket Ink yesterday. I didn't get to tell you guys sooner because five minutes after posting it my internet went out. It had been running slowly since Monday and I guess it finally just gave up. This is how that whole experience made me feel:

I gave up checking on it around 8:00PM last night and watched some TV instead. Anyway, it looks like the cable company fixed whatever was wrong because this morning it was back and running at full speed.

In other news, it appears that I am a geek. No, really! I'm just as surprised as you are. Antares Cryptos confirmed it when he gave me this:
He's pretty smart. He talks about all kinds of cool sciency stuff. On top of that, he's a really clever blogger too. So if he says I'm a geek, I'm a geek. Although...

I'm not quite sure where he got that idea...
My actual desktop.
As I mentioned TV, Got a chance to catch up on my anime programs:
Have you ever seen this? It's awesome!

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention I reclaimed my trophy:
Mission Accomplished!!!
Nope! No idea where he got that I might be a geek...

Anyway, Thanks AC. It looks good on the wall. And you guys be sure to go check out that story over at Sprocket Ink.


  1. i'm a word nerd myself, but geeks are cool, too. when you said lots of pictures, i thought you meant your drawings. tease! can't believe i've been pic-blocked. though i do like the one that is here.

  2. As Vinny geeks it, I have absolutely no idea why I thought of you.

    Live long and prosper, my friend.

    Antares Geekos

  3. i just got this awesome pop-up about the toolbar below. slick dude. very geeky.

  4. @ pattypunker: Did the fix from Friday's post wear off already? Guess I got some more drawing ti do.

    @ AC: Ooh! A name for a new blog, perhaps?

    @ pattypunker: Oh, that thing? It does whatever it wants. It even surprises me sometimes.

    @ dbs: The basics should begin with a lot of sci-fi, gaming & Japanese anime.

  5. Pshh... I don't see where he got that idea either. I mean, c'mon, a Worgen would rip someone's face off for calling him a geek, right? Ohhhh...


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