Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sprocket Got All Sexified

This is just a quickie to let you all know that I’ve got another post up at Sprocket Ink today.

There are two treats in store for you when you get there.

Remember this:

Well, it's gone.


The new badge of authorized Sprocket Ink correspondents (Ooh! That almost makes me feel all official and stuff). And it doesn't end there. It's a complete overhaul! Yup, we've got a sleek, sexy new look. Really! Go see.

We make sexy time with your eyes.

The next thing is that I did another drawing. Just one, nothing special. Only this one’s a little… different.

So go over and check it all out. There are awesome posts there too. Let’s not forget that.


  1. Like the new look. And thanks for sharing the vacation pic... anyone ever tell you that you look like Borat?? That'SO weird!

  2. Cool new badge. Your sexy time guy looks like the brother of the dude I had featured in my things guys should never wear post. It's very scary to think that there is more than one guy runing around the world dressed in that monstrosity!

  3. I keep trying to get my cat to wear that swimsuit. Not that's related in any way. I just felt the need to share.

  4. @ jerrod: The really long feathers sticking out from my crown were a dead giveaway, weren't they?

    @ Random Girl: You know I get that a lot? Weird!

    @ Empress: Wait! Guys actually wear those?!

    @ Elly Lou: And thank you for sharing... I think.

    Of course, we want pictures when you are successful. Your cat in the mankini & you wearing the cat ears. Together!

  5. Borat. Whyyyyyyy?

    Your drawing was pretty good though. Do you draw Manga?


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