Monday, May 9, 2011

Ain't No Party Like A Virtual Party.

Hope all you moms out there had a good day yesterday. So what if the one day for the year where I can say I'm supposed to be treated all special and stuff got overshadowed by one of the biggest days of the year? I'm not holding on to anything. Nope. It's perfectly alright. I'm not bitter in the least.

Not in the least...

Seriously, though, I have some really cool friends here on the interwebz. From all of you who have been clicking that follow button over the past few months (Don't think I haven't noticed. Welcome to you all), to you who have wished me kind birthday sentiments over on Facebook, to you guys who have even made the effort show some love through your blogs as well. Specifically:

Nubian - who found me a World of Warcraft machinima (If you don't know what that is, click for info).

A littleSprite - who found a glass-blowing video and made me a poem. A POEM! About ME!!! Sweet.

dbs - made mention of my stick drawing fetish no skills uh-uh attempts and did a stick version of himself. His has a chin. I never even thought about giving them chins. Awesome!

Also, Antares Cryptos elaborated on my continuing battle with my mortal nemesis, the dreaded Carib Grackle. Then he made me this:
I'm both appreciative & nervous at the same time.
Is it just me or does it have a slightly homicidal look about it?
Thanks, guys. You are all totally awesome! All of this made the day all the more special.

Speaking of birds, since yesterday was also Mother's Day, I visited my parents for a few hours yesterday. After I got all caught up on what was going on with the clan, Momma C said she something to show me.

"Something for your blog." she grinned. And then...

I was introduced to my youngest niece's new-um-pet(?)

Hey! Haven't you guys heard of "free range"?
Why, yes, that is a baby chicken in a birdcage with it's head dyed green. I felt it best not to ask questions.

Momma C knows me so well.


  1. You are welcome and it was fun to do. Now is it just me or is that chicken giving you 'the look'?

    Feeling any older today? Anything creaking or cracking?

  2. i think that chicken and the grackle are going to gang up on you. you'd better watch your back or you'll end up pecked.
    happy birthday!

  3. @ Nubian: What's that? Lemme get my specs. No I don't think they're going to 'cook' it.

    @ Sherilin: OMG! You could be right!


    @ Oilfield: That's not the strangest thing I've seen my family doing either.

  4. OMG BABY PUNK CHICKEN!!! It's so cute!~

  5. You're welcome. I agree, there is a bit of the eye of the...the...there dhe here her he

  6. So, I guess this solves the mystery of where exactly green eggs (and ham) come from. Happy Belated Birthday Vinny!!

  7. Chicken=FEATHERS!!!


    AWW Twas nothin' Vinny. Glad you liked all our posts, and the poem, feel free to snitch it.. and glad you had a great day :)

  8. The Interwebz the cause, and solution, of all of life's problems.

  9. @ Katsidhe: Yeah. It's all cute until they get beak piercings and stay out all night with the owls.

    @ AC: No, stop! Don't look into it's eyes! You aren't supposed to... Ooooh...

    @ Empress: Thanks.

    Who knew Dr. Seuss' secret would end up right in my parents back yard.

    @ dbs: Thanks.

    @ Sprite: Thank you.

    P.S.: I already did snatch it.

    @ Kev D.: Plus there's YouTube. It's one of those "Can't live with it, can't live without it" kinds of things.

  10. Yeah, I'm a total jerk. AC told me about your birthday, and I didn't have time to write anything by the time I got the email. So, this is your jerky friend Paul, saying happy birthday and to forgive his incompetance. :)

  11. @ paulsifer: No worries, buddy. Nothing to forgive. Like I said, exams are important. Plus, the post exam crash is to be expected.


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