Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just Where Have You Been This Week? – Attack of the Toons

A week flies by so quickly. Didn’t I just do one of these?

I did a lot of tooning this week. I started off with another installment of Always Remember.

Tuesday and Thursday I did my usual thing over at Sprocket Ink (Yes, there’s even a toon in one of those). If you missed them, be sure to check ‘em out. On Tuesday I had a sit-down with some important to me to try to reach some common ground. Thursday I let my inner geek show with a look into some Japanese pop-culture.

I also mentioned on Tuesday that I made a bold step and changed majors at school from IT to Journalism.

On Thursday Sprocket Ink got a new look and I did some pimping on behalf of the site. I was named "King Pimp” and a new era of peace began in the blogoverse. Just make sure you got my money!


Anyway, on Friday I participated in the Studio 30 Plus weekly prompt which was on the phrase: The Do Over.

I'm in the middle of an excessively hectic weekend so pardon my lack of comment responses (No, it has nothing to do with that whole Rapture nonsense). Mrs. C and I did have a late-night last night (No,it's not for the reasons you think. Behave! No, really, stop it!). Today we rest and recover because tomorrow Mrs. C was asked to guest perform for a benefit concert for a friend's church (I did mentions that she sings, right?).

I really hate busy weekends.

Luckily, school’s out for the semester and I can get my evenings back for a few weeks.

See y'all on Monday...

I hope.


  1. Happy Weekend Vinny ...(cue Blondie "Rapture" song)

    The Ranters Box

  2. I don't know as I've ever been considered a 'homie' by anyone but you. It feels good. Anyway, it sounds like you've been busy. I think busy is good. Sorry your weekend wasn't relaxing, I hope the next one will be.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about Mrs. C's performance.

  4. Lazy Sunday here in Oregon. Perfect weather. Hope you get to stay up late tonight for the reasons we all are thinking.

  5. If you want to get things done, give it to busy people. You've been busy.
    I actually have no idea what that means, except I'm busy and so were you.

  6. so happy to hear you changed majors! you love writing and we love when you do. also tooning - we love that too. with words of course.


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