Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not For The Faint of Heart

The long weekend is over and i come bearing gifts. Well, a gift. But it's a nice one. A shiny, new article at Sprocket Ink.

Your welcome!

I should warn you, though. If you are somewhat-um-sensitive to certain animals of a reptilian nature (You know. The kinds without any limbs), you'll need to brace yourselves for this one. Plus, there are pictures. Fair warning.

You'll probably have noticed that I said long weekend. While we don't celebrate Memorial Day here in Trinidad & Tobago, Monday was Arrival Day which is also a holiday for us. Basically, it commemorates the arrival of the first indentured laborers from India over 160 years ago.

This has contributed for a major percentage of the country's (as well as my own) ethnic composition. Yeah, yeah! I know. I'm all educational and stuff today.

As with just about all events here, we celebrate with food. Mrs. C, who owns in the kitchen, kept up with the tradition after which we all spent the rest of the afternoon in food induced comas.

Just the way it should be. I may have to devote some extra time to working out though. Just to make sure my pants to fit.


  1. There is always the art of 'cooking' in the bedroom if you are looking to burn some extra calories ...and its good fun for everyone involved!

    The Ranter's Box

  2. Thank you for the warning. Glad that someone is paying attention to my rants. Did you just change the look of this place or am I late to the party?

  3. Sorry I'm not going to check out the reptile story. I have a pathological fear of those critters. Hugs to ya, though!

  4. Sounds like good times. Will check out the story..

  5. @ Empress: Wise words. Who needs running?

    @ Nubian: Good eye! I've been playing around with some pimping gadgets. Glad you noticed.

    @ dbs: And just an extra layer of unnecessary clothing that you simply don't need in the tropics. Boxers rule!

    @ AC: Yeah. I try to drop a little nugget o' learning from time-to-time.

    @ Opto-Mom: Understandable. When it comes to the subject matter, you're not alone.

    @ Sprite: Nothing like large amounts of food & lying around doing nothing to start off the week.


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