Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Go With What You Know.

Psst! Hey… Guess what. Rumor has it that I have another post at Sprocket Ink today. It’s also been speculated that I’m going to talk about boobs. People seem to think I’m a bit preoccupied with boobs.
 I don’t really know where they’d get that idea, though.

Anyway, I think you should go on over and check it out. Just sayin’.


  1. And of course you HAD to hire a big boobed girl to wear one of your tight t-shirts to promote it...

  2. After browsing around your blog a bit, I have two comments:

    A) I like it
    B) I am annoyed at the seemingly effortless curves and straight lines you have in all of your little cartoons/sketches. I spend hours with my mouse in paint/photoshop and all of my sketches still come out with lines that look more like curves having a seizure and curves that look like I drew them with my feet. Props to you, man.

  3. @ cbeck: Thanks. Just so you know, it isn't all that effortless. Mrs. C will contend that I spend way too much time getting certain "curves" just right.

  4. Your boobs always look like upside down hearts. Well...not *your* boobs, the boobs you draw. Well...I dunno what *your* boobs look like, hell they may be upside hearts for all I know!

  5. We all know you are obsessed with stick boobies Vinny, but that is okay, we still love you all the same.

  6. @ Vicki: I'll never tell.

    @ Empress & pattypunker: You love me? Aww! Right back at you guys.

  7. You have captured the true essence of boobs. Bravo!

  8. Toes are to babies as
    boobs are to men.


  9. sorry I tried to read this like 10 times my boob kept getting in the way.

  10. @ Greg: Thanks. It's more than just a talent, though. It's a passion.

    @ Sprite: Heeheehee! Toes are funny!

    @ ThePeachy1: That seems to happen a lot.

    @ AC: Kinda looks that way, doesn't it?

  11. You said, "boob." Heh heh heh.


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