Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's Going On?

Come on over. These guys aren't really up to anything.

[UPDATE] The link now goes directly to the post at Sprocket. Thanks Krissy!


  1. For those who weren't sure where to find it on the page, here's the link to the actual article.

    Going to enjoy it myself now. Who knew Steven and Robert could be entertaining just sitting on a bench?

  2. Look at youuuuuu! Out there hanging out with the cool kids! :)

  3. Hope you are enjoying yourself over at Sprocket Ink. ...Also, there wasn't a big boobied stick figure in sight today...

  4. I'm heading over there now. I do appreciate the inclusion of the 70's porn star figure in deference to the absence of the big breasted one.

  5. Is that like a table gang bang? I don't even understand what's happening here.

  6. Steve and Rob need some sort of hobby...

  7. I'm scared to go back there. What if they put a feather boa on me next time?

  8. @ Krissy: They're a couple of characters, those two.

    Thanks a lot for sharing the link for me.

    @ Nikki: Just don't let 'em know I snuck in.

    @ The Empress: Oh, I am. Don't worry, though, she'll be back.

    @ Nari: You know me. I like to mix things up. Have fun.

    @ Elly Lou: Okay, I think I need to give the boys some pants or something.

    @ Alittlesprite: They do seem to enjoy the simple things in life, don't they?

    @ AC: If it happens, I promise I won't laugh... much. Did you ever have a WP or Gravitar account? That could be the cause.

  9. I with my Elly...I'm totally here for the gang bang.

  10. @ jerrod: Okay... You guys get started. I'll be right back. No really. I'm coming right back. Pinkie swear.


  11. Maaaaayyyyybe...

    I could pretend to be a spy.*adjusts wig*,*fake nose falls off*.
    Damn budget cuts!


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