Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Randomly Talking About The Weather

I know a lot of you have not been enjoying the cold. That being said, I hope you done get too annoyed by some of the things in this post.

Of course, big shout out to Keely, the Un Mom for making Random Tuesday Thoughts possible. She totally owns RTT in every sense of the word and, for a better quality of random, you should go to her.

- As I've said a few times in the past, I live in the Caribbean. Here, we have two seasons here: dry and wet. That's it! Half the year, it's raining. The other half, it isn't. Officially, the dry season starts from January first and runs until the end of May. I don’t think Mother Nature checked her calendar for the year until yesterday. That when the rain finally stopped.

- For the last few years, the “dry” season has been just that. Hot blazing sun, water reserves running low, people spontaneously combusting while out doing lunchtime errands. That kind of stuff. It’s also when the  Grackles attack. The Carib Grackle, to be exact. And even though they're everywhere I still had to google their photo because, oddly, they seem a mite camera-shy.

Hi. I Grackle. I kill you.
By "attack" I mean swoop down against the back of your head. This is their mating season, I think, so they're very protective of their territory. And I’m they’re favorite target. Every.freakin'.year.

- Be warned! What you're about to see may be very emotionally traumatic for those of you battling the cold winter conditions. I work very close to the Queens Park Savannah and this is how it looks outside today:

Yes, it is as warm as it looks.
A quick update: A while back I griped and complained about the house purchase drama. Well… it isn't going to happen. I know! I know! I made this big fuss about how stressed out about it. It was a nice place but, in the end we decided it would be too much of a strain on the budget right now. Shelf that for later, I guess.


  1. *Hi. I grackle. I kill you.*

    Friggin' PRICELESS. I'm going to say that ALL. DAY.

  2. I am living vicariously through you today. Green grass, blue skies...heaven.

    Happy RTT!

  3. I am glad the cold is gone and very very happy about it :)

    Enjoy the heat, the rain, and sorry about the house purchase.

  4. Wow, it looks just like that where I live too.
    Only the Grackles are Vultures and everything that's green is kind of dirty white and icy.


  5. Holy crap I think I see one of those Grackles in the distance. It looks eerily like Natalie Portman. Cue the nightmares again...

  6. If you would just stop flirting with the female grackles all the time, the males might stop attacking you.

    I mean, really, how would you feel if a gang of male grackles kept chasing Mrs. C around all the time trying to get her picture.

    The Caribbean looks wonderful. It makes me miss nostalgic for my childhood. (Not the Caribbean, Thailand and Hawaii)

  7. You have twice as many seasons as my ex-wife had.

    Guess which one it was.

  8. I wish we only had two seasons... it did make me feel a little better that the birds attack you though. We have snow, but no attacking birds.

  9. This year we also have two seasons, SNOW and NOT SNOW.

  10. Looks crafty and intelligent and just a little psychotic.

    "Are you lookin' at me?...Then who the hell else are you lookin' at?...Well, I'm the only one here...Oh YEAH? OK."

    Run Vinny! RUUUUUUUUN!

  11. @ Vicki: Yup, that's actually how they introduce themselves. I can see it in their beady gray eyes.

    @ Kristine: It is... until it hasn't rained in three weeks & all the green starts turning to brown.

    @ Annah: I'm not too broken up about not going ahead with the house. It was nice but it had no yard & very stuck-up neighbors meaning getting a dog would be a problem.

    @ A Vapid Blonde: If you press your face to the screen you can feel the sunlight coming through.

    @ Elly Lou: Now I'm really creeped out.

    @ Nari: I sware those pictures were professional blog business only. They were all tasteful and the models volunteered... Well, most of them, anyway.

    @ Moooooog35: I think I figured out which one... *shudder*

    @ paulsifer: I'm glad my plight gives you comfort. Anything I can do to help.

    @ Kev D.: Don't worry. I'm sure Not Snow season will be here soon.

    @ AC: Nuh-uh! I'm not making that mistake again. Running only makes them mad. Really.really.mad.

  12. We only have one season in Texas where I am, hot and fucking hotter.

  13. My Aunt Margaret has the same eyes as that grackle. I'm even more afraid of her now.

  14. so you live in the caribbean? so the rain has stopped? so grackles mostly attack you? so we're pretty tight bloggy friends, right? so when can i come visiit?

  15. Are you going to have "Hi. I Grackle. I kill you" t-shirts made? Put me down for two!!

    Phrase of the week!

  16. I'm with Nubian about the gackle t-shirt. Great idea. Perhaps Annah can create a drawing for you. In the meantime, watch out for those evil birds!

  17. @ Oilfield Trash: If things get as bad as they were last year, we may get close those temperatures by this time next month. From what I’ve heard, though, we can’t hold a candle to the heat in Texas.

    @ dbs: It’s like they’re looking into your soul, breaking down your defenses, silently plotting their next strike…

    @ pattypunker: Just call me the human grackle shield. Trust me, you get sick of the heat really fast.

    @ Nubian: Hmm… I smell a money making venture in the making.

    @ The Empress: Sounds like a plan.

    P.S.: This post was almost titled: “Angry Birds of T&T”.

  18. Vinny, I would like to order some T-shirts.

    Nubian, thank you for the satisfying image of wearing such a shirt in public.:)

  19. We have killer birds here to. Magpies, Butcher birds, and peewees. Oh and Plovers, can't for get them, they will stand in front of a moving vehicle to defend their young.


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