Friday, March 4, 2011

Simply Magical

They can be playful. They can be mischievous. Sometimes they're even been called aloof. They seem possess a childlike innocence that can hide their true power. Sprites and fairies have existed as a part of man's history for centuries.

Throughout history they have been closely linked to nature itself. Thriving in woodlands and gardens, they coexist with nature and come to her aid when needed.

As a gamer, I've often seen them portrayed as the little guide that can help you along on your quest or someone who provides you with the little something extra that can give you the edge you need in the upcoming challenge. But whether it be in a game, a movie or by some magical occurrence to come across one in real life, one thing will always hold true: you never ever underestimate them. And, whatever you do, you don't piss off a fairy.

That being said, how much more of a special occasion is it when one of these magical, mystical beings celebrates the day of their birth? I guess that would be the definition of a magical time. So if there is a little sprite out there are enjoying a birthday right now, let's hope you're having a happy one and here's a little something from me to you:


  1. Good thing she's magical...

    Pssst, Vinny. Thought I heard something...*stumble, crash, yelp*

    Nope, just a neighbour. Sooooo, the plan is...we wait in the dark?...

  2. You are one of the funniest and sweetest Blog-People I know!

  3. Vinny I've noticed a distinct pattern with your stick ladies. The important ones all seem to have big boobies ; )

  4. Happy birthday to the person in question.

  5. Nicely done! I appreciate your seeing fairies for who they are: WOMEN and not waifs. :-) I learned the power and complexity and amorality of fairies from the first one I read: Tinker Bell.

    Oh my!

    I just fell off my chair!

    That is so freaking funny!! (and my I say anatomically correct)

    Thanyou so very much! You really made my great day that much better!

    *flutters off lugging the girls"

  7. haha! i love what you did for mz sprite! who'da thought you'd get so many cheers for drawing a busty stick figure fairy!

  8. HA! That's typically how they're portrayed in the gaming world anyhow.

  9. @AC: I'm not sure if the dark works. Does she glow?

    @Nari & dbs: Don't let it catch on. I've done a pretty good job of convincing people around here that I'm a total asshole.

    @ The Empress: I used to think big boobs were just a fascination. Now I'm becoming convinced that it's more of a passion.

    @ Oilfield Trash: I'll say thanks on her behalf.


    @ subWOW: I also learned from Tinker Bell. It was from her I developed my appreciation of a well defined booty.

    @ Alittlesprite: The similarity is a total coincidence. I'm glad you liked it. Hope it all went as you'd hoped.

    @ SherilinR: Thanks. It's an art form that's seldom appreciated.

    @ Dr. Cynicism: Yeah. I noticed that gaming animators have as much of a fixation with boobs as I do. Possible career choice, perhaps?

  10. is this the fairy who empowers lacy?

  11. @ pattypunker: The boob-fairy?


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