Sunday, March 13, 2011


Just a quick advisory:

I'm in there somewhere...

See ya in a few days.


  1. and my husband...

    Sending you good vibes and lots of coffee!!

  2. Haha- our office looks like all of the time :)

  3. correction ~ hubby has finals. Oregon State one of the few Universities that has quarters. Still I predict lots of coffee in our home and yours for the next few days!

  4. You're going to have some serious late fines on those library books. I hope you stockpiled your caffeine, too.

  5. are gonna need lots of coffee ;)

  6. Yuck! Is this what us miserable professors do to students like you? Sorry :-( Best of luck - kill those exams!

  7. Do we have to call the dogs to sniff you out?!

    Hope you have left yourself a breathing hole with a pocket of air somewhere down there...

  8. i was worried i was missing vinny posts while away in jamaica. i'm so selfish always thinking about me. good luck with your exams. and congrats on the new gig at sprocketink!

  9. @ Nubian: Thanks for both. I was wondering you that kind, coffee-sharing guy was.

    @ Oilfield Trash: Thanks. I need it.

    @ AC: Channeling my inner tiger blood.

    @ Meri: Cool! You could nap at your desk & they'd never know... Or find you.

    @ David Allen Waters: I've currently got it on IV.

    @ Dr. Cynicism: Thanks. Can I take that as an official admission of guilt on behalf of professors then?

    @ subWOW: I'm currently sucking on air from the roof of my book cave like that kid in Sanctum.

    @ pattypunker: Welcome back. Hope you're all rested & relaxed. And thanks. It's gonna be awesome...

    What'd you bring me?

  10. Goodness! I hope you have a basket of food and a container of coffee in there with you!
    Good luck, m'dear. You'll do great!

  11. @ Nenette: Thanks. The vote of confidence is appreciated.


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