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An Analytical Look Into Social Interaction - 2

Chapter II: Deviance – Crime

[Review Chapter I]

Deviance is behavior that goes against accepted social norms and practices. Hence, a person who is considered a deviant is one who chooses to behave in a manner that is not socially accepted. In essence, they rebel against society.

These rebels often become social outcasts for failing to adhere to society's rules and, in turn, will often seek each other out and join together into groups, gangs or cliques.
Topic for Theoretical Discussion: If several deviants from these groups, they then become their own social sub-culture. Within this sub-culture the behaviors that initially caused them to be branded as social outcasts are now accepted. The question for discussion is: With that being the case, are these individuals still considered to be rebels?

Heh heh heh! Get's 'em every time.

Perhaps the most extreme form of deviance is crime, on which we shall focus on for the remainder of this chapter. Crime, as stated, is the most potent expression of deviance. It should be noted that while not all perpetrators of crime (known as criminals) first start out with the desire to rebel, once one commits a crime one immediately becomes branded by society as a deviant (with the exception of the corporate and political sectors).

To help further our look into crime we will follow the actions of Anthony.
(Yeah! He's just a stick man in a gray hat. I had to draw him like a million times from here on in so excuuuuse me if I wanted to finish some time this year. A gray hat's all you get!)

Ahem. Anthony-

A...Bomb is a deviant. He has been for most of his life. He constantly exhibits behavior which society at large considers rebellious and unacceptable.

He began by bullying other children in his school:

He moved up to other deviant acts like vandalism:


And armed-robbery:

Eventually, however, there comes a point when all criminals make that one, crucial, mistake.

A-Bomb just made that mistake...

Upon A-Bomb's arrest, he was convicted and sent to prison. Prison is one of the primary locations for large groups of criminals to be held (see also: corporate and political offices). Prison has it's own societal structure and, thus, it's own set of accepted rules. It is wise that one become acquainted with these rules in the shortest time possible.

On first entering incarceration it would wise to keep these first two tips in mind:

(1) Do not partake in any behavior that would anger of other criminals:

And, (2) If at all possible, try not to attract their attention in general:



  1. Ha.. great analysis of societies deviants. And it looks like A Bomb is going to find out what a skinny bitch truly is.

    The Simple Dude

  2. Steven looks like he should be in porn.

    That's all I got.

  3. Nothing makes me happier than seeing exploding deviant heads.

    PS: Just wow. The captcha word for this comment is "deviumb." Clearly a mixture of deviant and dumb. I feel like the planets and stars have aligned in order to create this very moment in time. I will cherish it - I hope you will too.

  4. I think Diane has issues because she is flat chested.

    (Loving your comic posts)

  5. do not even think about stealing a chick's coveted designer bag! what a dumb ass.

    and yes, it's seems the higher one rises in corporate america, the more criminal they become.

    (love your drawing posts!!!)

  6. But he called her skinny. I don't understand why she's upset.

  7. I thought you were supposed to kick someone's ass on your first day in the joint?

    Good stuff, Vinny!

  8. I remember when I was about 7 I read a book about a Russian prisoner with the last name Buhkanin. And then I subsequently followed his works with 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell. I think those works nailed it home with the true nature of a rebel. They're not at all what they think they are. They can't bring any true change to the status quo. In fact they keep it in place, they just replace the people in order to accommodate for the changing times. But what happens in the end? Same rules, same society... Everyone can say the same about Soviet Russia. the United States never really achieved a stable democracy until 10 years after winning the Revolution, when they sat down and decided (not fought and overthrew).

  9. @ SD: Needless to say, the harmonica being stuffed down his throat may soon be a fond memory.

    @ Moooooog35: The ‘stache came as a result of intense negotiations after the incident at the bar last month. Oddly, Diane kinda likes it.

    @ Dr. Cynicism: Truly, this is momentous event which I will document.

    @ Nubian: I think that under that tough exterior is just a little girl longing to be told she’s pretty. Sad, really.

    @ pattypunker: The kid isn’t the brightest of the bunch when it comes to those things.

    @ Elly Lou: Yeah, Diane’s not really a “silver-lining” kinda girl.

    @ Sugar Free: Considering A-Bomb’s luck, I thought it best for him to try to lay low.

    @ Leila: Well done! Such a timely response to the discussion too.

    P.S.: I think my head just exploded.

  10. Very Educational. I had know idea A-Bomb was a nickname for Anthony, I thought it stood for Asshole.

    I consider A-Bomb a lucky man. That was definitely the least painful and invasive option for...storing his harmonica.

  11. Dammit I finally found your damn blog! The followers list is fucking hater sometimes because when I click on the links it won't give up the profile! Well I found you now and your ass is so getting stalked!

  12. @ Nari: I'm quite certain his cell mate has been considering other... options that are just as unpleasant.

    @ Thundercat: Good news! 'Round these parts we've got an open-door policy when it comes to stalkers. Welcome to you.

  13. Well done, dude.

    They end up in jail, where they get a higher education in crime and deviancy.

    Why was one of the devs wearing a pearl necklace?

  14. He looks just like the bastard who stole my TV.

  15. Poor A-Bomb. He lost his little gray hat when that other guy grabbed him! Will he ever get his little gray hat back, hmmm?

    Geez. I need more coffee.

  16. I like how the guys at first had pants, but no shirts. And then A-bomb was totally naked.... good times. :)

  17. @ AC: The peals? He wanted some bling so he "borrowed" those from his mom.

    @ dbs: That was yours? ANTHONY!!! Boy, bring the man's TV back!


    @ Vicki: You'll be relieved to know that he did get it back. On cold nights in the slammer, he holds it close & thinks about home.

    @ paulsifer: He's a rebel without a wardrobe.

  18. I love being called a sexual deviant.

    Makes me wanna wear my jeans low and listen to Luda.

    You know, more than I do already.

    In England.

    (They don't really get me here.)

    - B x

  19. holy shit man, I've been missing out. I just decided to try and update alittle bit before I get back to working on packing and I love this post! awesome cartoons. you better do some carttons for RPF cause I'm building the whole fucking thing from scratch again and it's starting to come back. UGH.

    Anyway, I got sucked in and read like the last 5 posts you made, very amusing! I miss having time to read awesome blogs. sigh.

  20. @ The Barreness: Give it time. The stylings of Mr. Cris will catch on. Then we can all sing, "How Low Can You Go?" together.

    @ Peter: Eek! (*Scurries off to blogging cave... with MS-Paint supplies*)

  21. that's some funny business! i do love a blog with some wacky artwork!

  22. "Rebel without a wardrobe." You're the bomb Vinny.

  23. @ AC: Keen eye.

    @ SherilinR: Thanks. I'm really getting into this drawing stuff.

    @ paulsifer: Yo, that's Vinny C-Bomb!

  24. Holle'! (That's supposed to be holler, without the r...I'm so lame)

  25. Don't feel bad. I actually had to google it just now to find out it's spelled "holla".

  26. I thought about typing it that way, but thought it might be interpretted as "hello" in Spanish...

  27. What I hear you saying is that in order to keep heads exploding, one member of the group needed to start wearing a Polo shirt?


  28. Okay, that was just fucking funny. I'm so fucking glad I got my shit together before I made it to the armed robbery part....

  29. @ Jules: Exactly! To be extra cautious, maybe some khakis too.

    @ Rene/Not The Rockefellers: So I've been told. But they say I'm getting better.

    @ Deus Ex Machina: Just keep in mind to avoid Diane & you should do alright.


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