Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrating Another Milestone... With Grape Soda & Adult Cartoons.

My limited presence of late is due to internet acting up again. To be honest, we getting pretty tired of it here. While we do appreciate the free access that comes with this apartment, we plan to take out our own, more reliable service from next month and put an end to all this drama.

Of course, that doesn't stop me from getting my regular post up at Sprocket Ink, and today I officially cross 100 posts there. Woohoo!!!

When I first announced I'd be shifting my focus there to stories that were more Japan in nature, I got one or two requests to investigate the Japanese phenomenon called "Tentacle Porn". Well, for my 101st Sprocket post, I look at a Japanese product that takes this weird fetish to the mainstream masses.

By the way, don't let the subject matter worry you. It's totally safe for work so feel free to click on the old SI badge to your right.


  1. Woo hoo! Wait, I shouldn't be so excited for tentacle porn.

  2. Tentacle porn? I saw that on an episode of CSI and it seems really weird. LOL! Can't wait to read about it.


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