Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Change-Up.

Things are changing up a bit on Sprocket Ink. I've been re-positioned into the role of "Asian Beauty Correspondent" (we're still working on the titles).

Essentially, what that means is that I'm going into the specialized field of all things Japan and all things women. Not that that'll be all I post on, but that's going to be mine. I own it!

This actually works out pretty well for me. I can focus my searches giving me more time to do other things. Plus, this way when Mrs. C sees me looking up pictures om Megumi Kagurazaka,
I can tell her it's research for my next post.

She'll believe that, right?

I start off today with a post about female ninjas in Iran that I just happened to stumble upon (it's like the interwebz is speaking to me).

So, you know what to do. Just click on my Sprocket Ink badge to the right and go have yourselves some fun.


  1. Can you do some research on why Japanese women whine and squeal during sex?

    And why men like it so much?

    You may need to do some hands-on for the article...

  2. As long as we're making requests, how about an in-depth report on what the deal is with Japanese tentacle porn?

  3. The psychology behind tentacle porn WOULD be interesting.

    So, how did you get this gig?

  4. Okay. Just a sec here... funny noises... annnnddd ten...tacle... porn. Got it. Looks like I've got some research to do. Apparently, on Asian porn sites.

  5. Yeah, I research a lot of Japanese sites for blog material, too. And Russian, and Jamaican, and so on. I have to keep my blog fresh. LOL!


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