Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Day At The Beach.

I wrote two whole posts today! The first is at Sprocket Ink. You know the drill. SI Badge on the right: Click it to go straight to that post. Next is a post I wrote about a story assignment The Paper sent me on yesterday. To. the. beach! They make it hard to hate them sometimes.


The road to Maracas Bay isn't for the faint of stomach. It's a series of seemingly endless hairpin turns that wind along the mountainous north coast. On one side, the heavily forested Northern Range towers above while on the other, it continues its steep drop to the ocean.

This was my mission yesterday. A trip to Maracas to scope out the scene at what has become a tradition here in T&T. Every Ash Wednesday, the masses flock here the cool down after the two days of Carnival craziness. Sometimes I love this job.

But this wasn't the usual Ash Wednesday post-Carnival beach escape. Noticeably absent were the infamous long lines of vehicles snaking in and out of the beach. My new photographer (lost the other one on the Carnival Tuesday assignment and haven't seen him since) and I got there in no time at all.

As always, I was captivated by the pristine beauty of one of the island's most popular beaches.
How the Northern Range embraces it on both sides.
The powerful waves crashing that just seem to beg you to dive in.


There were a few reasons for the lack of crowds that morning. The weather was overcast that morning so many would have wanted to see if the day was suited for the beach. Others were wary because someone spread a rumor of a police shootout in the area. The weather cleared up very early with no signs of rain from there on in and police patrolling the said the shootout rumor was false, so everyone was expecting a huge influx to appear just after lunchtime.

That gave me and my photographer time to relax talk to who was already out there and, of course, take some pictures.

We came across a group who had built a sand pyramid.

They made other... things too.

What do you think? Too much to drink, or too little?
Needless to say, there are big booties, there are guys trying to get behind it.
Admiring his handiwork

I wasn't going to edit any more faces but I know this guy.
He really got into it.
Still, you just can't get over that view.
The lovely, lovely view.
Yeah, just so you know, the next few are girls in bikinis pics.

Okay! Okay! Ladies, something for you too.

Sorry, America, but we're not giving her back.

It was around this time I considered a career change.
You mean they get paid to look at this all day, EVERY DAY?!
Soon it was time for lunch.

Any Trini will tell you that when you visit Maracas beach, you have the Bake and Shark, so, of course, that's what we were after. "Richard's" is the man to go to. Sure, he has the longest lines, but that because he has the best bake and shark on the beach. Being in the media, he let us skip the line. I love this job.

Actually there are two lines. There's one to get your sandwich which moves pretty fast. After you get it, however, there's a second line to choose from his wide assortment of condiments.
Forget how some of them look. They're ALL awesome!

I was going to snap a picture to show you what it looks like... but I ate it.

So I bought another one! YAY!
Believe me. A lot of sharks died a worthy death to make this happen.

That's around the time Mrs. C texted to see how things were going.
Trini Talk: Stueps (alternate: Steups) - A sound made by sucking one's teeth to express anger, disappointment,  frustration or (in this case) jealousy.
I typed up my article on the car ride back, handed it in and headed home. I finished my day tired and tanned but with a distinct sense of accomplishment after my grueling 5½ hour assignment.


  1. Yeah, yeah, booties, boobs and beaches. Talk some more about the bake and shark. *wipes up drool* What kind of condiments, is it really shark, all parts or just some? Mmmmm fried things....

    1. Yes, all shark. I did hear a rumor that some vendors use catfish when there isn't enough shark to go around but that's never been proven. As for sauces, Those include the usual ketchup & mustard. But you've also got garlic sauce, tamarind sauce (everyone's favorite), local hot sauce and shado beni sauce... Oops! I think I just made you short out your computer with all the drooling I caused.

  2. Thanks for the eye-candy. I was hoping to spot a dude wearing a banana hammock like Borat. ツ

    1. Sorry, no mankinis. There was a woman in a thong, but it felt a little... funny trying to get a pic.

  3. Is T&T expensive to visit? I don't think I'd mind those beaches.

    1. Feel free to visit any time. Giving friends a tour is the perfect excuse to spend more time there myself.

    2. Free tour guide? Interesting... We'll see what my wife says... and what our wallets say...

  4. I can't believe this is your job. First Carnival and now the beach!?! Madness! Do you actually turn things in or are you busy having your eyes bug out of your head like an old Warner Brothers cartoon?

    1. My story ended up being 5 words long: "Me go beach. See boobies."

  5. Are there any fat people in Trini? Envious of it all. Is it Mako Shark that you were eating? Gorgeous beaches, totally jealous of where you live. I am coming to visit. Will bring chocolate and coffee.

  6. Beautiful women and food. Best staycation ever. Thanks man.

    1. I make these sacrifices for my friends. Happy to help.

  7. Paradise.
    Got nuffin else as I am busy daydreaming.

    1. Since my internet at home's still down, the beach could be a reasonable alternative right now.

      Too bad I don't have any reason to go back anytime soon.


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