Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Trip To The Dentist.

I'll admit that I'm not the strictest person when it comes to dental hygiene. I mean, I take care of my teeth well enough. I brush twice a day and even floss. So they aren't all rotted and falling out or anything like that. My breath is normal and they look just fine, thank you. They're basically healthy. But, truth is, I could just be a little more... diligent, is what I'm saying. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and I could visit the dentist other than in cases of emergency a bit more regularly.

Needless to say, I get the occasional cavity from time to time. The last time was three or four years ago when a premolar needed a root canal (not a fun time). Yesterday, I had to make another trip to the dentist's office for a new cavity that developed on yet another premolar tooth.

Hoo boy!

This time, though, the whole thing was pretty uneventful. The cavity just needed to be filled. That's all! The dentist was a woman about my age who was very pleasant and not too hard on the eyes either (all of which made the easy process a lot easier). The whole thing was over quickly and painlessly. In fact, it was so painless that I spent half the rest of yesterday not being able to feel my upper lip from the painkillers. Not so much fun when I had to eat later. The only thing that was a little unsettling during the whole thing, though, was the x-ray.
Honestly, is that little lead bib really enough to do the job?


Did you think that was it? This is the part where I remind you to make sure and check out my story on Sprocket Ink today. I won't give it all away but it involves this awesome equation: Japan + robots + models in funny helmets = click here. You know you want to.


  1. My girlfriend works in a dental office, and they have an xray machine that almost works like an MRI. You stay still, and it does a 360-rotation around your head...

    It's still intimidating.

    And all of the hygienists and assistants in that office are easy on the eyes. I love that about the dentist... he's a dirty old man.

  2. Of course there is nothing to worry about they practiced on those robots from Japan. (I do pay attention)

  3. I can tell from your illustration that that WAS a foxy dentist. Yowza. Look how she rocks that blue helmet. Wait, that suddenly started to sound dirty.

  4. ツ Your drawings are getting better and better. This one in particular is very technical. I'm sure there must be an engineer somewhere inside of you. Maybe that x-ray is really some kind of probe where they insert engineering bacteria in you to make you smarter, thus then avoiding getting more cavities. The result is better drawings but not stronger teeth!

  5. I'm not sure why I even came here with the word "dentist" in the title. You know how I feel about the dentist, right Vinny? But I'm glad I came by cuz I l.o.v.e. that drawing!

  6. Well you should be lucky if you don't have genetically bad teeth though . I take care of my teeth as best i can and i STILL have ten fillings !!


  7. Sometimes I think dentists delight in "accidentally" letting that tooth scraper slip and stab your gums. And you're right about the x-ray, what's the deal with all those spreaders and things they ram in your mouth? Isn't it an x-ray, can't it see through your cheeks?
    Love that drawing.

  8. Got something for you over at my place.

  9. @ Lost: I know the head dentist there is some dude I've never met. I suspect he co-works with her for that same reason.

    @ Nubian: Indeed you do. I have a hunch that the fact that sex robots being involved in the training is why the guy in charge is never around. He's still logging training hours there.

    @ Elly Lou: Even a full lead suit couldn't hide what she was workin' with.

    @ Nikki: They went & messed with my brain?! That explains the sudden urge to get the gold fillings. Those bastards! They used some kind of 'inception' mind trick on me.

    @ Sugar Free: Yes. This is actually a friendly intervention to help you fact your dentist phobia with the aid of cartoons.

    @ PQP: I'm not totally clear of that situation either. I've got quite a few fillings myself. It's a constant fight.

    @ Pickleope: I think they like to tell you to raise your 'hand if you're in distress' while they're fully aware that your ego won't let you yell, 'Ow! You're hurting me!' with a pretty assistant around.

    @ paulsifer: Awesome! Thanks.

  10. Glad you came away relatively unscathed by the monstrous robot arms! I've never understood why I don't get a second metal bib for my nuts - they seem important.

  11. The x-ray machine at the dental office looks kinda cool. It looks like a sci-fi gadget or something. Ha ha, well, it does feel awkward when you're trying to sit still during that time...


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