Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Attempt At Creating Structure.

New post up at Sprocket Ink! Go check it out. I've even included some stick toon boobs in this one. So that's something. I guess... No, really. There are a other reasons to check it out besides cartoon boobies...

Okay that's a big reason but there's a story to go with the boobs as well.

Aside from that, I've been pretty busy this past weekend. Busy tooning, that is. You see, I’ve gotten it into my head that I should come up with some sort of early warning system on my posts. I realize that, as far as my posting goes, I tend to be all over the place. Sometimes I post funny stories about things that have happened to me. Other times I attempt to be insightful and ramble on and on about some boring thought in my head another. There are posts for awards. And so on, and so on...

Anyway, I digress. As I was saying, I wanted to kinda give you guys a heads-up as to what you're getting into. What I came up with are some custom-made graphics that will start posts that fall into the various categories I frequently stick to.

So at the start of most posts you'll see one of these:

You'll see this one when I'm posting about receiving of giving out a blog award or generally thanking some one of my fellow bloggers for any kindness they've shown me.

Remember that boring meandering I mentioned just now? Now you'll be amply warned.

I expect I'll be using that one a lot.

When I start talking about the crazy situations I tend to go through from time to time, you'll see this.

I'll use this for minor updates, and miscellaneous information.

When I'm about to launch into a (often failed) attempt at humor you shall be forewarned by this one here.

For those less than inspired posts I throw up every now and then you have this.

That's what I've got so far. I expect I'll do more in the future but these'll do for a start. All this and I still can't finish part two of Girls' Day Out.


I didn't bother to make one for my toon posts because I didn't want to be responsible for anyone suffering   from stick toon overload on my blog. Anyway let me know what you think. Is this a dumb idea? Did I waste an entire weekend? Be honest. My ego can take it.


  1. Not only do I love the idea but I want your bandanna! Go! Get organized... and keep on tooning man!

  2. Good and creative idea.
    I have the same problem of other non-niche bloggers; how do I warn people of what is to come?

    WV: granti

    That's not helping. Unless it's wishi.

  3. Don't sweat the blog stuff.

  4. @ Nikki: More toons to come. That's actually one of Mrs. C's scarfs (Shhhh... she doesn't know I borrowed it).

    @ AC: It must have been giving you a free wish! Did you make a wish before you hit "Publish Comment"?

    @ dbs: I know. I can ba a bit sensitive sometimes.

  5. HAHAHAHA - sounded funnier in my head... LOVE THAT ONE...

    Oh and the cleaning one... cute ass!

  6. @ Nubian: I know I drew those jeans too tight ;)

  7. awesome, this is a filing system i can get behind

  8. @ j.littlejohn: My OCD thanks you.


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