Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The School Computers.

In the time I was away from school, I had almost forgotten the wondrous devices there known as the public computers...

Wait! WAIT!!! That's not all. While I go get fitted for dentures, why not read my latest on Sprocket Ink? There, I use actual words.


  1. This is like trying to post a comment from your smart phone -_-"

  2. @ Nikki: I know. Plus it doesn't help when the computers I have to change them on are the slowest ever.

    @ dbs: Wish we didn't need them. Although if hackers saw my financial status they might actually feel sorry & give me money rather than try to steal something.

    @ Pretty Quirky Pants: I've given up trying to do anything blog related by phone. Life's just too short.

  3. Public computers are like public toilets, just nasty and you walk away from them feeling dirty. And not in a good way... :)


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