Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Total Pain In The Neck.

Literally! That's my current affliction. I woke up at 2:39 this morning to a sharp, stabbing pain in the right side of my of my neck. At first I thought Mrs. C had finally had enough of me and was implementing the "til death do us part" clause of our marriage contract. She, however, was fast asleep and I wasn't bleeding, so I know she didn't try to stab me.

It has only gotten worse since then, which I think was compounded by the fact that I haven't been able to get back to sleep since. This, in turn is due to the pain I'm currently experiencing. It's a vicious cycle.

I've spent the majority of the day laid up on the couch bitching about it being consoled by some of you on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks. Even though it does hurt when I laugh (and turn my head, and lie down, and sit up and even breathe) I appreciate the you guys trying to make me feel better.

Added to that, a little sniffle I've been fighting off for the past few days seems like it's decided to take advantage of my weakened condition and I'm starting to feel a little feverish.

Resulting from all this, I've decided to take the afternoon off from class and sulk recuperate.

Well, I think I've griped enough for today. How are things on your end?


  1. Get better soon.

    Hopefully, you weren't abducted by aliens in your sleep and had anything implanted in your neck.

    In the past, you do seem to have had quite a few issues ( read as: paranoia) concerning aliens.

    Although most abductees claim anal implants for some reason...oh well, maybe next time.

    Hypothesis aside, take care of yourself, get a lot of rest, drink fluids, take Ibuprofen, and have Mrs. C give you a head, neck and should massage when she gets home.

  2. Do you have wine? It will help with the neck pain.

  3. Just because there was no blood doesn't mean that Mrs. C hasn't started implementing the "till death do we part" clause of the marriage contract. She may be using more slow painful methods of torture. Perhaps you should order some flowers while your browsing the web. To make up for whatever you did that you don't know you did.
    I'm just saying....

  4. I feel the need to make a joke about blowjobs here but I lack focus. *sigh* Just pretend that was really witty, k?

  5. As my High School gym teacher would say:

    "Walk it off, pussy."

    Too bad that doesn't work. Could you imagine how great life would be if you could just 'walk off' the bad shit?

  6. hmmmm. i think this calls for some oxycontin!

    though, of course, i think everything in the entire world calls for some oxycontin, any oxycontin?

  7. This reminds me of the day before the day before I got married.
    (Are you stressed?)

  8. @ Nari: Mrs. C's got it covered. She even has a very 'special' outfit just for these occasions.

    @ Nubian: Sadly, no wine. A lot of painkillers, though.

    @ hisqueen: SIGH! You're probably right. Whatever it is, it's most likely my fault.

    @ Elly: I think I know where you were going. [See my first comment]

    (*Crosses fingers hopefully*)

    @ Lost: My former Thai-boxing instructor used to say, "LOVE THE PAIN!" That didn't work either. It would make a lot of things a whole lot easier.

    @ Kage: Nope. I never get access to the good stuff.

    @ dbs: Actually, yes, we're 99.99% sure that this is stress related. Trying to deal with it but, as I said earlier, no alcohol is currently within reach.

  9. Sorry, dude, sounds like a CF.
    Stress-induced or not hope you feel better soon.

    A little foot phobic so not jumping over, cause ugh!

  10. muscle spasms in the neck are awful! you have every reason to gripe. take lots of ibuprofen. get an adjustment by a chiro. apply heat. drink franzia. and draw more pictures! ha! but sers, you're getting better all the time with the illustrations. thumbs and chin up, buttercup.


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